Welcome to our Pearl Wedding Anniversary. | Designed by Katemangostar / Freepik

30 years of marriage. |
Designed by BiZkettE1 / Freepik

Downtown selfie, sugar bombs and some kissing. | Designed by Harryarts / Freepik

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -Paulo Coelho | Designed by Valeria_Aksakova / Freepik

Vintage rose flowers on rustic wooden background. 30 Years Anniversary. | Designed by ijeab / Freepik


The ribbon and the bow down my bridal gown have suffered a terrible replacement during the first decade after my wedding. What you see in this week’s photos are surrogates of the ribbon and bow. This because I was unwise enough to lend it to a smaller, less inspired, girl — who brought it back like you see it now.
For the original ribbon and bow, have a look at these retro VHS captures. At the retro me and my retro Fotomann too.

Retro VHS tape snaps from 1988.

4 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. Congratulations and I wish you many more happy years together. So glad to have gotten to know you here such a beautiful lady. I thank hubby for letting you be my friend
    Much happiness

  2. Dear Doris and Don, Congratulations on 30 years together,may you have many more happy years.
    May you have happiness and health together


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