Adam’s Conjecture

Yesterday night, I had to forget about the cats in my backyard, because the Lion and the Fox were volleying their ping-pong on my turf.

The Fox asks the Lion.
Questions about Genesis 8:21.
And the Ever-Living said in His heart: “I shall never again curse the ground because of Adamic man, though the purpose in his heart from childhood is to do evil.”

Adam, the man, was he ever a child?
Is the verse considering the descendants of Adam, short of himself?

The Lion responds.
No, the first Adamic man would have been created whole, not as a child.

The Fox rants back at the Lion.
So he wasn’t an asshole to begin with, as we all are.

The Lion concludes.

Don’t Know about Adam’s Personality or His Further Breaking of the Lord’s Rules, Reasonings, or Guidelines

Don’t know about Adam’s personality. I would very much doubt his being perverted as many of our people are today, because he had no foreign genes in him, and he had no inter-family mating in his seed-line. He was the first, and was as pure as a perfect sunrise. It makes a difference. But as far as specifics, anything past that is pure conjecture, as I note below.

But Adam and Khawah were put in paradise where they would live forever, if they followed one, simple instruction. They were to procreate the one, specific Adamic race. They were to get their food only from the One Tree, the Tree that Produces, Preserves, Saves, Gives Life. And they were not even to talk to the Tree that produces both good and evil. (Remember how the Devil mixes truth with lies and how he twists the Lord’s Words!!?? As he did when he conned Eve around and when he approached the Lord, arrogantly and foolishly believing he could deceive Him.) However, this they did anyway and went even further by mating with Satan.

For their punishment their lifespan was cut to 1000-years, they were to live by the sweat of their brow, and everywhere they turned they would run into thistles and thorns. The Lord immediately took the positive Tree from the Garden, so they could not approach the Lord directly anymore. Only a chosen few could approach Him after that, until after He finished His work for us on the Cross. Now, anyone can approach Him, as long as they go through belief in Khrist.

Except for the 1000-years, these curses/punishments are still in effect. Their lifespan was, however, cut to 120-years later on due to their mixing with other races and the Fallen Ones, both of which the Lord had condemned.

Noah’s flood was to wipe out the 6th Day Creation of an Adamic man, who has obviously been found to a very small degree among the Neanderthals (who were apes, not human) in the valley where they were washed into at that flood. This the flood did except for the few that had scattered around the world, mixing with others.

As far as Adam’s personality, as far as his further breaking the Lord’s reasonings, guidelines, and rules, we have no record of that. Anything further is pure conjecture.

Thanks for the comments and questions.

Yours, Ruddy Adam

Composite graphic. Credits go to: Freepik

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