August in the Middle

Last Friday, I went out to wash the car. Well, pretending to, but didn’t have the courage to do it out in a populated parking, in front of traffic cameras and all that promiscuous controlling stuff. Watch me on a side road, quite close to the highway.
Links to my Car Wash photo sets: CougarBunnies | Southern Charms | ManyVids.

Car washing on the road side. Exhibitionist August.

Last Saturday, I went downtown, took hubby with me and a visiting kid who took this phone pic.

August in the Middle.

Last Sunday, I went to church. There’s a screenplay in the works, for a custom video proposed by Bob, with a plot. Perhaps one of the most dynamic ‘movies’ we’re about to film. Gotta find another church for the entry scenes.

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

Monday, I had to deal with house chores and with some paperwork, in anticipation.
On a side note, I began posting ‘A Personal Assistant’ — fan mail sent fantasy stories on my other blog.

Tuesday, along with the typical gardening dog day of summer, along with the extra preparations for a returning couple of friends, and before they arrived, I got my feet muddy for an on-demand photo set. – Muddy dirty feet fetish.

Wednesday, I take the day off, playing the host, showing the surroundings to our guests, exchanging recipes, strolling along the river, enjoying the chill of a cooler wind, that usually begins to blow on August the 15th.

Photo by Marisa Buhr on Unsplash

Yesterday, with our visiting friends back on the road, I close the gate and call my Fotomann for a marvelous morning session.
Links to my Morning CreamPie photo set: CougarBunnies | ManyVids.


Today, still sensing the muscle fever from swimming so long at the pool yesterday, I write to tell you about my week, August in the middle. This before getting out and around, getting ready for the next week coming guests, and going forward with the necessary paperwork before September begins.

Enjoy August!

Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “August in the Middle

  1. I don’t care if you are in that outfit or totally naked washing the car they are going to stop and look at the prettiest sweetest scenery

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