The August Report 2018

Time for the even year August report. Please allow me to reiterate the common retrospective.

Eleven summers since I’ve willingly started to pose nude and allowed him to keep the photos. Unlike our mid 1990s night porns, when I fearfully guarded his VHS box to make sure the tapes were deleted.

Eight summers since I wished to share my intimacy on a blog for married midlife matters.

Six summers since I allowed him to post my nudes to the public internets, and then realized that we could monetize this little crazy hobby. I’ve been still shy then, like many of you would be.

À propos shy, I recently read on a PornHUB blog that it doesn’t matter if you commence with softcore, because you’re shy about what others may think of you. Those who don’t matter make no difference in judging your softcore from the hardcore. For them, you’re just in porn.

And, like the other girl writing this, I realized how right she is. Just do what you like best, soft or hard matters less. What counts is what you enjoy. It took me quite a few years to emancipate my shyness — because being shy is a feature. Even when the camera films the fetishes or the lovemaking. There’s a shy gal up there. Not minding the camera. Pretending that there’s no camera. What camera?

Did I say PornHUB? Yes, I did. Starting this June, I opened a DorisDawn PornHUB account, as a step to open my ModelHUB site. Which means, yes, regardless how distant I am from the core of this industry, regardless how fearful I am when posting free video cuts up there, I wished to monetize with ModelHUB — which wish proved stronger than my proverbial shyness.

ManyVIDS, however, looks like a safer place for me. I joined it late in this winter.

Happily mentioning my fifth summer with Southern Charms (still my prime favorite photo hub!), my fourth with MLNP and with ModelCentro (where I host my personal site), I’m telling you that when I see a safe spot, then I stop and think, and ponder, and analyze, and then I jump on it. Like I did last week with MyDirtyHobby – a German-based amateur hub where I’m about to exercise at beginner level, in German too, mind you.

Emancipation 50+

From the dark corners of my kitchen, under the soft sheets of my bed, in the shadow of the evergreen, I’ve been colluding with my hubby for many months. He is my greatest supporter and a fervent driver in my new emancipation: I’m going back to school.

Yes! I always loved September because it harbors the school year’s opening. This time, first in thirty years, it is me going back to school again.

Well, I’m a ‘junior’ and feel like eighteen again. I love it.

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