Ample August

Wednesday came (with a Bang!) and went. Thursday (the yesterday of today) was special. Like in special in weeks. Because, you guessed it right, we’ve been left home alone.

Therefore, my first move, after leaving the key in the gate, was to go back to the bedroom and patiently wait (yes, sparing my energies) for few more orgasmic waves to engulf me. The bang of Wednesday was not enough. I needed the undulation. He worked on me, offering what I requested, till I couldn’t stand.

Time for breakfast. You asking? No. He wasn’t meant to cum in the morning, nor in the bedroom. Patience please. Ensued a couple of outdoor photo sittings. Then lunch — a frugal one, because when kids are away, we eat spartan.

Taking our laptop time, we wait for the noon heat to slide the shadows on the other side. And then filming cameras, including phones, at hand, we go out, for a Selfie Thursday.

Selfie Thursday – backdoor casual outdoor sex.

How much of it is planned ahead and how much improvised on the spot, I cannot tell. Not sure who could. How about letting the porn talk take you there.

From ManyVIDS (my yesterday post): Filmed, better said: selfied, a couple hours ago in the backyard. Enjoying a hot late August afternoon, equipped with whatever gadget can film, we go out for a quickie. Specially for you, I wear this nice retro corset, and a cute little garter, in black and red. #outdoorsex #selfies #blowjob #backdoor #assfuck

Selfie Thursday with snaps – outdoor late August afternoon.

The snaps over the selfie Thursday photo (and video) are taken by another camera (from another video) that I’ve posted in my MDH stream – where you’ll find unrevealed (yet) aspects of my daily naughtiness.

Needless to tell you that he came on camera. Well, on me, all over my face. But allow me to give you the other angle.

Ass Grind Blow Job Outdoor Sex (watch this video tonight on MDH or ManyVIDS)

The fixed camera angle presenting you the anal grinding, ass slapping, ass poking cock of my husband, as I was bending in front of him, wearing this cute little corset, and a red n black tiny garter up on my right leg.
I keep me busy with my phone, have you checked my selfies already?
Then I turn around to suck his dick because it’s time for dessert. Blowjob time! Culminating with a cumshot, a mouthful facial.
I love his sperm on my face, in my mouth, swallowing it!
#outdoorsex #blowjob #assgrinding

Thus went the last Thursday of this late August (not after a casual, uneventful evening).

This morning, I take my driver to the farmers’ market, then to Lidl. We gather weekend supplies and paprikas, aubergines, cucumbers, etc. for my first round of winter preserves. Starting ten, I get busy in my kitchen.

Homemade winter preserves.

Frisky Friday – pastel.

Ample August – retro corset, leather short pants, stockings, and my new pearls.


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