Global Fallacy

New Q&A from Ruddy Adam.

Defining “Global” in the Context of Weather

Question Regarding `Global’ Warming

“Ruddy, I understand the `optimal word’ in the `global warming’ phrase is `global.’ How is the best way to define `global’ in that context to people we’re trying to help understand that `global warming’ is a hoax? Blessings to you and the gang.” Debbie, Perth


In respect to the context of weather, you can only honestly claim something is “global” only if it is occurring the world over, in all places at the same time. In addition, you might say this: Only if every, single local weather pattern around the earth is moving in the same direction, either heating up or cooling down, can one describe a pattern as a “global” weather trend.

When this is not true over every, single local weather pattern, to claim that when one area is hotter or cooler than normal is because of something “global,” is to extrapolate a local into a universal (global), which is an argumentative fallacy. And in the current case of the Warmers, it is a fraud, a sham, and a hoax, which they are perpetrating on the public. One, to help them accomplish their Marxist agenda. Two, to obtain for their particular bureaucracy more money and power. Three, to obtain for their foundation or themselves more money in the form of grants. Four, to hamstring small businesses, a large percentage of whom vote for Repubs over Demons.

Thanks! Good questions, Debbie. Love to the boys!

Ruddy Adam

Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

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