Ripped Jeans Sales?

This September started French, and German. I’m getting busy in both. Big time. What I love about going back to school, after three decades, as a student, is being the keen learner I always loved to be. Sit in my bench, listen to the teacher, write down everything – and I MEAN EVERYTHING – that he writes on the table. My greatest daughter is kinda of a teacher (an assistant actually) at the university where I take my French courses. Yeah, weird stuff, but how lovely!

Don struggles to pull the cents up in a German speaking universe. Yes, through tenebrous treks throughout various worlds of the fetish. One guy, captivated by my newly posted shredded jeans (actually taken from another daughter of mine), after teaching me new lessons in how to make sexual use of these things (never imagined before, at least to my mind) asked me if I wish to sell them. Asked me for a price. That’s the point where I got lost. What value would you put on a pair of ragged jeans, used and perused, including in wet and sticky videos?

Shredded jeans – to sell or not to sell? A question about a fetish.

4 thoughts on “Ripped Jeans Sales?

    1. Quite common in the neck of the woods where I live.
      English is not my mother language.
      We speak two different languages in the house, then comes the French pepper or the German vinegar.
      One used to speak about a salad back in the day. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your comment!! ❀

    1. Oh, Gianna, any size goes when it comes to ripping the jeans. The guys love this fetish – don’t know why, or didn’t think much about it.
      Kisses to you!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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