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 New cooling post by Ruddy Adam. 

The Warmers’ Claims of Melting Ice Caps Do Not Match Up with the Observable Evidence

Worried about the earth heating up to the point that the polar ice caps are melting? Well, the observable evidence does not match up at all with what the Warmers at NASA, NOAA, Hadley, the UN, and all the eco-maniac clubs and governments around the world claim.

You can do this one yourself, as we have over the years. We here have shown many times where the Warmers find one little part of the polar caps that melts more than the rest of the caps, and they then point that out to the world and extrapolate it into a universal, that is, Global Warming did it! When, in fact, global warming had absolutely not one thing to do with that one piece of ice losing more ice than normal or more than the rest of its polar cap.

As we’ve also pointed out several times, the earth’s polar caps are not one big piece of ice. They are multiple pieces. As each piece ages, they get heavier and they often melt down to a point before building back up. Or, they often break off into the seas when they get too big and heavy. They float until they hit warmer waters and finally melt away. But never fear! There is purpose behind their breaking off and falling into the seas. As these pieces of ice build, they store gazillions of nutrients that the seas need for the living creatures in them to stay healthy. As they melt they pour those nutrients into the seas for those creatures to munch on and to feed the plant life therein.

The Master Who designed this planet and set it on auto-pilot is not an idiot. All things that atheistic evolutionists and the Warmers (one in the same) take as 100% negatives always have a positive side to them, and it always has to do with keeping the planet healthy.

As another example of the Warmers false claims, there is one piece of ice that is not connected to the rest at the South Pole that has lost ice on its top above the water, which is about 100-feet. But it goes down under the water about 1500-feet. The Warmers say this about that piece of ice: If all of it melts, it will cause the oceans to rise over 220-feet. Selling fear of course, as they always do.

Hold it, Andy! They’re lying again! Most of you should be old enough to remember from your grammar-school science studies, Archimedes, the ancient Greek astronomer, mathematician, physicist, et al. He is famous for what is called “the Archimedes Principle,” which can be proven by everyday observable evidence, such as the following, by any pre-school child.

His principle shows up like this in formula: immersed weight = weight of object – weight of displaced fluid

Which means simply this: You fill a glass with ice and water, the ice melts, and the amount of water in the glass remains the same. Voila! Proof that that one piece of supposedly melting ice cannot raise the level of the oceans—at all! Much less over 220-feet.

Now, the next question is this: Are the Warmers outright lying to us? Or, are they ignorant of Archimedes’ Principle? From past experience with the Warmers, it’s my view that they’re lying, and they’re relying on the ignorance of the public that they have no idea that submerged ice that melts cannot possibly raise sea levels. They have this confidence because they educated millions of people around the world in the science that they wanted them to learn.

The Warmers especially take advantage of the young, whom they’ve brainwashed into believing the planet will soon be uninhabitable unless the Warmers get more money for their foundations and bureaucracies and more power to control the masses that they so despise. Plus, businesses must be hamstrung with the most onerous burdens imaginable, because a large part of the fanatics who claim the planet is heating up to a boiling point have never worked in the real world—much less run a business.

These creatures are leftists who hate the idea of a capitalist system where people must produce to earn money, they must constantly innovate to produce more efficiently, and they must continue doing so. Their minds are so small, they are so cynical, that they can’t imagine having to continue producing something over and over, year after year, and continuing to innovate the production and the product, making the former more efficient and the latter better. They take Marx’s cynical view of economic production, that it is static, that what an economy starts with is all it can ever have. Yes, folks, no matter that, for example, US economic production used to be a few-hundred billion and is today $21-trillion, these zombies still believe in a static economy. Here is another of Karl Marx’s Central Economic Principles that is easily proven wrong by observable evidence.

The next question is this: How do the Warmers know they can get these spoofs by the young, yes, especially the young? Because, as Michael Moore has bragged, we don’t have to worry about those born from the late 1980s on; they are ours, because we control the education system, and we’ve educated them in the things we want them to believe.

That’s why I’ve said to everyone who’s asked and to everyone receiving this piece oodles of time: “I’d rather have my child out in the yard eating dirt all day—rather than have him or her in a government-run “school.”

This one is good because it’s an amateur who seems to have no idea that the Warmers are promoting onto the world one of the all-time greatest hoaxes in history. He’s been one way, then another. This seems to help him make up his mind. No matter what he thinks. It’s more evidence that you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to find a flaw in their arguments, claims, or formulas. Oftentimes, simple observable evidence will do the trick.

For the truth and for exposing hoaxes: Ruddy Adam

Note: Thanks to Wahley Wahley Wah Wah (Greenville, SC) for sending this one in. We’d been looking for something like this one to send out.


Photo by André Filipe on Unsplash

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