Fake News Again!

Ruddy Adam makes sense of their nonsense. My little take on all of these fake news: you cannot live in fear, you cannot function in fear, fearing them is serving them. Be free!

The Marxist Media Are Lying to You—Again! (Part Two)

Based mostly in the Northern US, the Marxist Media began going mad after Hurricane Sandy flooded the coast of New Jersey in 2012—making claims without the slightest bit of evidence that, for example, the Statue of Liberty would one day be under water, along with the Island of Manhattan.

With Irma having hit Florida last year (2017), she shoved the Marxist Media into a deep state of neurosis—raising their claims to nothing less than unrestrained madness. 

After a decline in major hurricanes hitting the US over the last 12-years before 2017, in the last two-years, the Warmers in the Marxist Media have escalated their claims that the number of hurricanes is increasing and that their intensity is strengthening.

These two tales are supposed to fulfill the many predictions made by Al Gabore and many others after 2005—when Katrina hit MS and LA and the mighty Wilma rolled across Florida, and the year before in 2004, when six hurricanes, Alex, Charley, Frances, Gaston, Ivan, and Jeanne hit the US—that the US is in for many more major hurricanes which will be much greater in ferocity in the future.

(This is not to mention the recent beyond ridiculous claims that Bamboom is complicit in causing and making hurricane Florence more intense. Yes, yes, I know, but evidently, the Marxist Media have listeners who believe this mendacious whopper. Recall: cynical people believe every negative they hear. Leftists are cynics.)

Indeed, the Marxist Media are lying to us—again!

Check out the first chart above to see that hurricanes are not becoming more intense. They are in fact getting less intense. That’s one lie knocked down.

The second chart shows tropical storms and hurricanes that remain at sea and never touch land. The ones that really matter, those lasting over two-days have decreased. Ones lasting less than

two-days have increased, but NOAA states that is because we now have methods of spotting them as soon as they begin, whereas earlier sightings had to be reported by ships. So, again there is no increase in hurricanes or tropical storms.

The third chart shows the numbers of hurricanes lasting less than two-days after NOAA made estimates and adjusted for the number they figured there were before humans could catch storms almost the instant they began. (If hurricanes lasting less than two-days meant very much, I wouldn’t pay NOAA’s numbers a dead skunk’s butt worth of attention, because we all know how these deceivers have jiggered the temperature numbers in the past. But for this one, if they have to admit there’s no increase, that will suffice for our purposes.)

NOAA stated this about the adjusted numbers: “Once an estimate for likely missing storms is accounted for, the increase in tropical storms lasting less than 2 days in the Atlantic since the late-19th Century is indistinguishable from no change.” How about that: “indistinguishable from no change.” Which means there has been no increase. Who the hell writes like that, pray tell?

But we want to aim at the big claim that a greater number of vicious hurricanes will hit the US, and that they have already become more frequent, as if they were taking aim at this part of the world, a claim made over the last two-years by the Marxist Media, which include the following: ABC, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, PBS, the Weather Channel (Especially! Because the Warmers have taken steady aim at filling it with people who will promote their Global Warming Hoax), most all of Fox News (all the anchors and field newscasters; much less of Fox Business News, however); all the comic shows from Conan to Fallon; every talk show from the “View” to those on stations like HBO; every, single major newspaper like the NYT, the Wall St. Journal, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the USA Today, the Scientific American rag, and a vast majority of “scientific” journals and magazines, etc., along with Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

As far as what’s going on in the world, whether it’s politics, weather, business, or investing, if you’re listening to these radical outfits, I assure you that you’re not getting fed enough truth to keep a gnat alive.

Where can you get some truth? One America News (OAN) is excellent, and Fox Business News is good, too. On Fox News, I would recommend only the Sean Hannity Show for serious political information, which comes on week nights from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. For some unbiased news and fun, I recommend “Fox and Friends in the Morning,” which comes on Fox News between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

On OAN you have two excellent political shows to watch, both with very sharp hosts who understand Marxism and often point out the Marxist tendencies of the Marxist Media: The Daily Ledger (8:00 PM EST) and Tipping Point (9:00 PM EST). As far as anchor news goes, they’re all good. Take your choice here: http://www.oann.com/oan-anchors/

Now for Lie Number Two, the lie that the numbers of major hurricanes hitting the US are increasing, let’s take the information on hurricanes compiled for us by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). NHC has information recorded on major U.S. hurricanes for the past 100-years—and back.

According to the NHC, 70 major hurricanes hit the US in the

100-years between 1911 and 2010. That is an average of seven major hurricanes hitting the US per decade.

Now, by checking the numbers of major hurricanes that have hit the US over each decade we can find easily observable and objective evidence regarding whether their numbers are increasing or not. What we find in this data, just as we discovered with their first claim that hurricane intensity has increased, that the number of major hurricanes has decreased in numbers over the last fifty-years. Lie Number Two knocked down.

To make the point, let’s slice the 100-year hurricane record in two. We’ll start with major hurricanes that hit the US over the most recent fifty-year period. That will make a good comparison for us to judge whether the number of major hurricanes hitting the US has indeed increased or not; and it will be easier to relate to whether they’re gaining in numbers or declining.

Over the decade 2001-2010, seven major hurricanes hit the US. Matching the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1991-2000, six major hurricanes hit the US. Slightly below the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1981-1990, four major hurricanes hit the US.

Well below the 100-year average, equaling the least number of major hurricanes on record for a decade.

Over the decade 1971-1980, four major hurricanes hit the US.

Again, well below the 100-year average, thereby joining with 1981-1990 making them the two decades with the smallest number of major hurricanes.

Over the decade 1961-1970, seven major hurricanes hit the US.

Matching the 100-year average.

This easily observable and objective evidence shows that not a single decade during the past fifty-years had an above-average number of major hurricanes—not one, single decade!

Now, below is a record of the previous fifty-years (1911-1960) of the major hurricane record. Don’t forget now, this was long before the invention of the Global Warming Hoax.

According to the Marxist Media and the Warmers (one in the same in their beliefs and willingness to lie and deceive for the purpose of accomplishing their leftist agenda—to control our thoughts and to revolutionize the nation into one run solely by an all-powerful central state, just as their mentor and founder Karl Marx wrote about), these years ought to show much lower major hurricane activity than the later fifty-years, because there was not nearly as much of the  life-feeding C02, something the Warmers and the Marxist Media have demonized, in the atmosphere, according to the Warmers’ measurements. This is a major claim of the Warmers, which is why the Marxist Media must lie to try and cover up their claims: Because they’re not true.

Over the decade 1951-1960, nine major hurricanes hit the US. 

Well above the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1941-1950, eleven major hurricanes hit the US.  Again, well above the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1931-1940, eight major hurricanes hit the US.

Slightly above the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1921-1930, six major hurricanes hit the US.

Slightly below the 100-year average.

Over the decade 1911-1920, eight major hurricanes hit the US.

Slightly above the 100-year average.

What the above information shows is that over the past

five-decades (1961-2010), an average of 5.6 major hurricanes hit the US, while over the preceding five-decades (1911-1960), an average of 8.4 major hurricanes hit the US.

So then, these data show right at a 37% decrease in major hurricanes hitting the US over the last 50-years—rather than the increase that the Marxist Media and the Warmers are claiming.

What’s even more important, as we’re only two-years away from finishing another decade, at this point, going from 2011, the number of major hurricanes is going to be far below the past average if the numbers after 2018 equal out or are slightly greater than previous decades. If the numbers do remain stable, that will easily show this current decade as having the lowest hurricane activity of any decade in over 100-years.

What will the Marxist Media and the Warmers come up with when the current decade turns out to have produced the least number of hurricanes in recorded history? Never fear! These creeps are both brazen and adroit liars. They’ll come up with something. They’ve already laid the deceitful foundational-claims that are the exact opposite of the truth.

By not correcting their false claims, all they’ll have to do is remain silent. Yes, silence in this case is a lie, because they ought to be telling the American people that major hurricanes hitting the US have decreased over the last fifty-years and that their severity has declined.

But neither the Marxist Media nor the Warmers will do it, because the truth breaks with their scheme of selling fear to the American people for the purpose of carrying out their leftist agenda to control everything the masses do, and to eventually create the all-powerful centralized government they so lust for. Truth is the ultimate enemy of Marxists. The light of truth is the sanitizer that kills their lies.

To change and revolutionize a nation, Marxists know they must control its citizens—what they think, what they learn, what they like, what they dislike, what they believe, what they disbelieve, what information they receive, what information is hidden, what education they receive, what entertainment they are able to get, who their heroes are, who their enemies are.

Marx himself—and Lenin—believed that what they called “counter-revolutionaries,” that is, anyone who disagreed with them, should be put to the sword. Bolshevik leader Lenin—the first successful Marxist revolutionary—indeed put that bloody revolutionary tactic into effect by executing 25-million “counter-revolutionaries” during his seven-year rule over Russia from 1917-1924.

Therefore, besides the fact that this easily observable and objective evidence shows that the Marxist Media are lying to the American people—again! You should note that here are more predictions made by the Warmers after 2005 when several hurricanes hit the US in which they claimed “that from there out hurricanes would increase in numbers and intensity because of global warming.” Wrong again! Another false prophecy! So far, not one of the Warmers’ predictions over the last 40-years has come true.

Lie Number Two totally whacked out!

Part of Lie Number Two is that “global warming” has caused more hurricanes that are more intense than ever. So, if there weren’t more major hurricanes, then that kills the lie in total. But here is a final stake in that lie.

The Tropical Meteorology Project (TMP) report from 2005 stated the following: “If global warming were the cause of the increase in US hurricane landfalls in 2004 …., one would expect to see an increase in tropical cyclone activity in the other storm basins as well (i.e., West Pacific, East Pacific, Indian Ocean, etc.),” the report said. “This has not occurred. When tropical cyclones worldwide are summed, there has actually been a slight decrease since 1995.”

For the truth and against the lies of the Marxist Media and the mad Warmers: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Jordi Ganduxe on Unsplash

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