Before the Moonrise

My birthday, yesterday. I’ve spent it the way I wished to. Even if not initially thought through.

My expressed desire has been firmly disclosed: let it be a day like any other day, nothing planned, no expectations, no expenses. I was about to go to school, to meet with my daughters in the city, to make a picture together. No thought about anything beyond this.

Starting my day with the usual — wake up at five, morning gym, sending twins to their school — I consider cooking them an acceptable menu for lunch, fast and flavory (which proved an accidental success).

In spite of my clear statement against presents, my little daughter comes to me, early in the morning, with a self drawn, cute little birthday card, where she wrote a few wonderful words for me, along with their French translation. The first little present that made my day!

Don wishes to drive me to the city, in the afternoon, for school; to wait for me. I am circumspect because a bus ticket is less expensive than a car drive. However, understanding the need of our younger students to spend time together with both their parents, I cave in, again. I’ll take the bus next time. Going further, I’d wish to have him together with me even in class, but I realize that he can’t stay in one place and even less keep his mouth shut.

Before the class, I have a lovely moment with my daughters, in a coquette space, filled with flowers. Then, after class, I join Don and the gals in a students’ pub downtown. Eating slices of pizza stuck above an oily carton, drinking a pint of black beer.

What a wonderful flashback to the ’80s. Sitting around that retro table, not parents and kids but four friends having a drink, or whatever, chatting out loud, living the day.

Driving me home, I show him the moonrise. A huge orange Moon kissing the horizon away, playing with us, when showing up ahead on the road, when hiding amongst the treeline, to the left or to the right.

By evening, back home, I shoot a few selfies with the twins too, before calling it a day and heading for my beauty sleep.

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful birthdays that I’ve spent in these 53 years of mine.

Guess what he does to me? -right there behind.

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