Your Immune System

Important tips from Ruddy Adam for our new incursion into the autumnal season.

Supplements for Your Immune System in Virus Season

For our immune systems, especially in winters, we use mainly beta-glucan and IP-6 Inositol. Because cold and flu viruses are more plentiful and much different from what Americans are used to due to the massive immigration of foreigners into the US, we are this year adding a couple of products to help bolster and round out our fight against these beasts that attack us internally and make us sick.

Beta glucan works by stimulating the immune system’s macrophages‚ which attack bacteria‚ viruses‚ and other buggers that make us sick. They in turn stimulate other immune system components to attack those invaders, too.

Our Army of Defenders

From LifeX

#: 955 Immune Protect with PARACTIN® 30 caps (dosage: 1 to 2 per day)

Note: “The immune cell-priming capabilities of this patented, highly purified yeast derivative exceed those of all other sources of immune supplements tested to date.”


From Priority One Through Pure Formulas

For those who are looking to add more milligrams to your beta-glucan intake, we are using this product. Even if you don’t want to take it every day, you might get a bottle of this one in case you do get sick, and add a couple a day if you do.

Beta Glucan 500mg 100 caps by Priority One (dosage: 2 per day)


From Cell Forte Through Vitacost

IP-6 & Inositol helps boost the immune system from the cellular level.

Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte® IP-6 and Inositol 240 Caps (dosage: 2 per day)


From LifeX

This is the supplement we’re adding to round out our fight against these angry buggers.

Immune Senescence boosts T-cells and the function of the innate immune cells for defending against invaders, perfectly rounding out our Army of Defenders against viruses that plague us mostly during winters.

#2005 Immune Senescence Protection Formula™ (dosage: 2 per day)

Subject studies have shown significant improvements in natural killer (NK) cell activity and a 20.2% improvement in the ratio of CD4 to CD8 cells, as well as an increase CD4/CD8 ratio after supplementation, all of which is indicative of a healthy, youthful, immune function.


Additional Immune System Aid

As many of you are taking the Two-Per-Day Multiple from LifeX, it’s always good to add another 1000mg (1-gram) of LifeX’s Vitamin C with Dihydroquercetin, the most powerful flavonoid known. C must have at least one flavonoid with it to work properly and to give your body its full benefit. This extra gram of C gives you a total of 1500mg (if you’re taking the Two-Per-Day), which is a gracious plenty to help your immune system and to do the many other things that this C does for your body. Up to 2000mg has shown the same positive results to help beat off these viruses as more than 2000mg. There are 500mg in the Two-Per-Day.

However, so far studies have not shown that large doses of VC help beat off viruses after they take effect in our bodies other than through intravenous therapy. They do show that taking C regularly does lessen the chances of getting a cold, especially in children. But C does indeed help the immune system and the body in many other ways.

The thing to try to do to beat these viruses is to head them off at the pass, by keeping them from getting into your bodies in the first place. As always cleanliness helps in this war, especially in keeping your hands clean, changing clothes regularly, taking showers, and eating hot, cooked food.

#927 Vitamin C with Dihydroquercetin (1 to 2 per day)


A new product LifeX has added to help us boost our immune systems is Immune Modulator, and it’s the most reasonably priced of the whole bunch.

1704 Immune Modulator with Tinofend® 60 caps (Powerful immune health support for 8.50 wholesale) (dosage: 2 per day)

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