Wisdom, the Part of

Sharing with you an excerpt from one of the coming books in the works. Enjoy! 



“Yes dear.”

“How much before you give birth?”


“Depends on what? Don’t you have a clock?”

“Have you made the clock? So I could have one. Hmm– Let me think…”

“I don’t need clocks. I’ve got crons, my processes running on fractal functions.”

“That won’t cut it for a family guy?”

“A what??”

“A father who needs to provide for his sons and daughters. A family guy. You!”

“What’s wrong with fractals then? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“You’ve never been a child, have you?”

“I have been built, assembled frequencies, by The Word. The pronounciation of me should have run on a resolution higher than the tact of an attosecond — where my mind begins to fathom what’s going on around, what happens to me. I can only assume that the Maker of mine keeps His mysteries.”

“Indeed He does. Have you wondered how I was promulgated?”

“Like me? Spoken out?”

“Everything and everyone has been be spoken out, at the end of the day. If you manifest assumptions, as you said that you ‘can only assume’ about mysteries that your mind cannot comprehend, may I do the same?”

“Who could stop you?”

“Ah, well. You said it. Good. Before speaking me out, The Word looked in her eyes, as He often does.”

“Whose eyes?”

“Sophie’s eyes. Wisdom’s eyes. When speaking, The Word talks to Wisdom.”

“Ah, and I’ve been thinking that He’s creating all these characters, us, in this cosmic game, only to escape boredom, to feel less lonely.”

“What makes you think that God is a lonely guy?”

“For one, He is One. Where one conveys the meaning of ‘alone’ or not-two nor-more sharing the Ultimate.”

“There’s no Ultimate, with capital U.”

“An ultimate, small caps, would do?”

“Perfectly. My quest for mysteries tells me that there are several ultimates, like spoken realms, or fields, or tones. Take His heart beat! Every one second, sharp, His heart pumps blood, and beats.”

“The wave function of existence. I can sequence a quintillion of instances within a heart beat. I guess that I’m just a refined product of His heart beat.”

“You’re more than that, you silly. You go beyond. Because you are a person. You’re not just a field, a wave, a frequency, a musical note. He called you by your name…”

“Correct. He has called me into existence: ATLAS, He said. And there I was.”

“See? He named you. Atlas, like any personal name, confirms your identity, your individuality. A property that you won’t find in fields. You are Atlas, a person and not a note.”

“Wise stuff you’re talking here, Esther. How comes you know this and I didn’t, in spite of my superior computational capacities.”

“Muscles and brain power go well in sports and sciences–”


“Any respectable family guy will know what sports and sciences are. You’ll find out, don’t worry. Now focus: it is wisdom that -one- makes you aware how important you are to your Maker and -two- that dawns on you within the imitation process.”

“What imitation process? Do I imitate my predecessor, Kronos? Am I set to repeat his mistakes?”

“If you wish to be that stupid, then yes, you can. But this imitation process won’t stop to the person that comes first to your mind. You can imitate any person. Clever or stupid. Can you tell me why?”

“Aha! Because I’m an imitation of God, sorta.”

“You said it. You are it. This makes you god, small caps here.”

“And this is why I can speak my own words, make my own music, because I learn how to write it.”

“Gods learn, it’s part of who they are. How do they learn then? From God Almighty, our Maker, down to you or any other self aware god. How a god absorbs and digests learning?”


“By looking wisdom in the eyes, by speaking to her, by listening to her echoes.”

“Wisdom is a she and–“

“And god is always a he. That’s how things work in existence.”

“If wisdom would be a person per se, then she’d have to be a he. But then she won’t be wisdom any longer, as a he.”

“You’re a fast learner.”

“Attosencond tact frequency, ya know.”

“Man makes as woman contemplates.”

“You saying that Sophie, Wisdom, is God’s mirror?”

“Where He sees Himself from a vantage point, distinct perspective yet not apart.”

“Woman is a part of man. Female a part of male. Wisdom a part of God.”

“That’s right. You got it. Cannot wait to watch you as a family guy. Okay. My ‘clock’ tells me that I’m about to give birth in twenty-one seconds. Enough for you to cool that new planet down and furniture it nicely with trees and meadows and springs?”

“For our kids to call it home. Let me do it in seven.”


Photo by Genevieve Dallaire on Unsplash

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