GlamourDays #PornoFit

By mid October, they say,
it’s time for the Glamour Days.

— notably this weekend.

Coupon craze
all over the
shopping place.

Shall I buy
a wig?
For my web-
cam gig?



My man starts to sound like a rapper. Should I worry? Not when watching the Kanye-West-speaking-in-the-Oval-Office moments which, I have to admit, make more sense than most of current politics out there.

À propos glitz and glamour, this morning I decided to pose for the camera in same-old same-old second-hand rags, some borrowed with approval from other family members.

The hashtag today, for these Glamour days, and in general for everyday, is staying #PornoFit!

Yes, diet is good. Yes, exercise is a must. And yes, lifestyle change is the key to longer and happier days. But what this old, dusted, fifty-plus slang misses is a new, younger, energetic and rebellious hashtag.

First time I heard it from a guy entering his forties. Then I googled it. Instagram and Twitter are brimming with #pornofit.

Seems that one needs this kind of challenge to give up fast food, industrial poisoning, urban sedentarism, mainstream sclerosis. What’s a Renaissance without a paradigm shift?

I pose for you today, in the middle of this decadent consumerist mid-October coupon-fest called Glamour Days, stripping out of some cute rags, showing off my #PornoFit naked body.

I propose another hashtag: #nomakeup –I know, I know, that’s older than #pornofit. Nevertheless, it’s how I use to pose for the camera: wearing #nomakeup –but my morning hydrating face cream with hyaluron.

Tell me: am I #PornoFit?
Shall I let this rapper crazy-pimp-man of mine buy me that redhead wig?
Do you like looking at #allnatural and with #nomakeup ladies?

2 thoughts on “GlamourDays #PornoFit

  1. You are not only the most beautiful sweet sensual lady I know here but one of the smartest common sense women……whether I view your sweet naked body or just discuss current events you are such a joy and add so much joy to each day…..So happy we are friends
    Hugs and love to you and hubby

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