The Truth about Global Warming

Ruddy Adam shares more information on global warming, or the hoax of it. 


All of you know “global warming” is a hoax. But Dr. Patrick Michaels explains exactly how the Warmers in the government and the UN come up with the numbers when they want to show the planet is warming. Let me remind you that, at this point in 2018, we still do not have an accurate method of gauging the temperature of the entire planet. What you see coming out of NASA, NOAA, and Hadley are rough estimates, and those estimates are not from the raw, true data. They are from their jiggered numbers, which are jiggered to show warming. Neither are we even close to being able to gauge the temperature of all the oceans.

Another thing you’ll notice is, Dr. Patrick Michaels is being extremely polite when he says the IPCC and others “are fudging the data.” They are actually purposely and deceitfully changing it to show warming. Again, the true numbers without any deceitful adjustments show that, over the last 60-years the planet is slightly cooling. Remember that even the raw numbers do not truly show the temperature of the entire planet.

This is not the entire show, but it’s enough to get the point: They’re lying to us about the planet warming.

The Truth about Global Warming

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