The Wild Sheep

Transhumanism — a very insightful and pertinent watch, worth your time.

What is Utopia? Yohn describes such a beyond-place very well. Part of it, actually. Eternity, being perfect, is a non-place to an entropic universe, such as the one we commonly perceive. Because this topic remains a matter of perception, after all.

Reversely, this universe, being entropic, and dying, is a non-place as seen from Eternity. Are we living in a contingent utopia? An actual reality too horrendous to acknowledge. A pseudo-reality that cannot qualify to exist within Eternity?

An engineer stated that all models are wrong, and some are useful. All theories are wrong, quite some may prove useful.

God is a Guy. With a red beard. Not a theory. Not an abstract. Just a Human. Ecce Homo. The Human Constant. If there is no constant, no origin, then there is no direction, no transition, as in transhumanism. It is all relative and nonsensical, like in dystopia –the kind of utopia no one wants to be in.

Why do people want to live forever?, to be beautiful and forever young, why? Because there’s a thread that humans have inherited from a higher reality.

Let’s try a reality check. Is the here-and-now a utopia? Or rather a dystopia? The reality that we perceive is complex, unlike the ultimate reality which is simple.

If Yasu Khristos is not God, if His reality is not the ultimate layer of creation, if there is no Eternity as described by Him, then -yes- we’re all doomed sheep. Dumbed domesticated sheep pushing each other down the drain. If no person of reference, then we’re all deluded and still mired in the Hitler syndrome, also known as the Faust complex —The obsessive desire for knowledge to the virtual exclusion of all else, according to the Free Medical Dictionary.

Free Will seems to be, however, the parameter that Eternity had seeded within us. Therefore one may find, still, such things as Wild Sheep. Just look at this bighorn and make the difference in your mind. The difference between a domesticated sheep and the wild sheep. Learned this from the video above because, as a geek, I’m usually lost in machine related things, if not sex.

The theme of transhumanism transpires in ‘Astarte, The Adventure’ –from chapter 16, Lifespans, through the conclusion of the novel.

Photo by Jorge Fernández on Unsplash

Now, about wild sheep, as in free sheep, don’t you think that they’ve got no shepherd. Nah…

Psalm 23

The Ever-Livng Lord will shepherd me and I shall lack nothing.

He will make me lie upon lush pastures and he will lead me by restful waters.

He brings back my soul, and leads me in the paths of truth because of your Name.

Even if I shall walk in the valleys of the shadows of death, I will not be afraid of evil, because you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me,

You have prepared tables in front of me opposite my enemies; you have anointed my head with oil and my cup overflows as if it were alive.

Your kindness and your mercies pursue me all the days of my life, that I may dwell in the house of the Ever-Living Lord to the length of days.

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