Did you know me?
Did I know you?

Hello! -you may write.
Hi? -may I ask?

Sharp Profile! -say you.
Be Welcome! -thank you.

Would love to--
Can do that for you--

Are you?
Model or whore?

Do you?
Live or play?

Curves, shapes, forms.

Sex, fetish, climax.

Twenty a piece.

Enough with this dilettante poetic game of words.
Here’s how the narrative goes:

I'm a cougar and a bunny, 
a mother and a wife,
a timid and a brazen.

My man is uploading erotic pictures and sex tapes as I write, all over the internet.
You may find me on PornHUB, on ManyVIDS, on Clips4SALE –this because a gal must promote her personals on a quite competitive market, whether she likes it or not, this marketing aspect of life.

Spiritually and romantically, we’re there on a lower plane than what you’d been accustomed to read on my blog –this because we have to touch this materialist aspect.

BLACK FRIDAY is ALL about materialism. It’s like an orgy over matter. A rush to quench the thirst for illusions. A degradation of souls.

Let me degrade myself, along with the fretful masses: starting yesterday and ending on November 27th, you’ll get 25% OFF the best value subscription to my personal site. If you wish to get in my panties (mentally speaking) for another year, do it NOW!

À Propos PANTIES — all and any of my worn panties will land in your pocket for only twenty bucks a pop.

FuckMe! Now 25%OFF Around #BlackFriday.

Back to peeling potatoes, because the girls will come home for lunch and the boy should wake up after his weekend party.

FuckMe! Now 25%OFF Around #BlackFriday.

2 thoughts on “Materialism

  1. Doris you are anything but materialistic…yes you are offering your sensual body in video and worn garments to people with materialistic desires. My black Friday desire is to see hubby holding his beautiful bride. You can be totally clothed. Clothes on or off you Both show the world exploring sensuality together leads to a deeper loving sensual life together
    So enjoy discussing different theories with you. Thank you hubby for allowing me to enjoy her beauty and mind.
    I have a treat wife and family to be thankful for and both of you I am thankful are my loving friends from afar🍷🌹

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