And at once the curtain entrance of The Temple was ripped in two from top to bottom. The earth was shaken and the rocks were split.

Tombs were opened, and many bodies of the Separated who were sleeping arose.

And they came out, and after His resurrection, they entered the Holy City, and they appeared to many.

And the Centurion and those who were guarding Yeshua, when they saw the quake and those things that happened, they were very afraid, and they said, “Truly, this was The Son of God.”

Matthew 27:51-54

Resurrecting from the dead, trampling down death by death, Yasu brings His people in Sync with Eternity, with their original status.

But who are His people? Any person that understands His work, identifying this Man from Nazareth with the Ever-Living, with the Creator. If you know that Yasu Khrist is The Word of God then, there you are: part of His people. Simple.

Notice the avoidance of terms such as ‘faith’ or ‘belief’ because these are traditionally entangled with religion.

Resurrecting, Yasu terminated religion.

Then why are we practicing Christianity as a religion?

For the same reasons that we take credits with interest; for the same reasons that we vote for politicians who lie to our faces; for the same reasons we envy the new Mercedes parked on our neighbor’s driveway. We have all these because we don’t oppose them, because we crave them. Religion is just another craving. Religion is procrastination, or the infinite delay of getting in sync with our True Nature (where we ALREADY are in sync, since Yasu’s Resurrection).

Rising from the tomb, Yasu eradicated sin from ANY reality. This was the end of religion. No sin equals no need for a religious/social control system.

Anarchy?, you may fear. Based on the fallen nature of Adamkind, on a blinded collective consciousness, on impatient impulses, this real concern justified, and still does, the fear-based systems of control, from ancient religions to modern cults and ideologies. More like a planetary-wide Stockholm syndrome, where the terrorists are the Serpent of old and its henchmen.

Fear as opposed to Love.

Illusions induced by fear within the human consciousness:

  • the void of space;
  • the time continuum;
  • the concept of infinity;
  • the idea of sin;
  • the urge for revenge.

Which illusions cover up the following realities, revealed by love:

  • the grid (or matrix) of the hologram;
  • the tact (or frequency) applied to fractal functions;
  • the limitless number of choices a person can pick;
  • the synergy among persons and between any person and her Creator;
  • that forgiveness eases errors away to forgetfulness.

More and more, left and right, many are talking about disclosure. An imminent political moment when the government would step out, stating that -yes- extraterrestrials exist and we are engaged in either trade or alliances or conflicts with them.

We’ve got full disclosure almost two thousand years ago.

And what have we done with it?

Yet another bunch of highly organized religions and myriads of new discordant sects.

Whatever partial or extensive disclosure will come out, it is difficult to assess what the new narratives (because there is more than one disclosure) will mean for the public; it is even harder to estimate how the knowledge of good and evil in each person (and the collective) would translate to the new context.

A paradigm shift it is. Remains to see how it shifts. And to what extent.

Besides Adam, different human groups know (for centuries) that ET’s exist because their traditions (religious and historical) inform them about their gods who planted them on this planet.

Abraham entertained conversations with angels (messengers not of this planet) and with a most interesting representation of Yasu -Melchizedek- many centuries before His birth as Son of Adam. A paradox? Perhaps if explored from under the illusion of time. Because, beyond time, all things and all persons are in sync. Like players in a computer game.

We desperately need disclosure now, because we’ve chosen to live in fear, to bow to creatures, for thousands and thousands of years. Any such overlord would feed his subjects with crumbs falling off the table.

A table where dark elites eat fresh human flesh.

Wondering about why fear-based control systems have to run in secrecy?

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

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