Ruddy Adam on odds and chances. 

Math Video Regarding the Odds Against the Chance Creation of Proteins

“Dad, do you still have the video that shows how the math is figured to get the odds of the proteins coming into existence by chance that it takes to create life? If you do, please send me it. And do you recall the odds it comes to, and are they the same as you’ve sent out over the years?” Jarry, SD, CA (Permanent Leftland)

Yes, it’s a good one to resend to everyone. And yes, I think it comes to exactly, and very definitely, 10 to the 164th power to one. I always simplify it as 20 to the 80th power to one. Now, I’m not sure whether he states it or not, but remember that statisticians will tell you in a second that this is way, way, way past the point of possibility, because once the stat hits a certain point, I think 10 to the 40th power to one (or maybe less), it is considered no longer merely improbable—but impossible.

It’s certainly a good math review and whacks cynics right between the eyes who say the number is made up. But no matter that it is distinctly mathematical (or, actually it’s arithmetical, strictly speaking)—atheistic evolutionists are not going to accept these odds. 1) They can’t see any order in the universe; to them, it’s all chaos. So they can’t accept statistical equations that disprove or prove the opposite of what they see. 2) They can’t see it if they were to try; their deformed brains will not let them see order, according to studies done at Loma Linda and Stanford back in the 1990s; and without seeing order, they can’t accept odds. 3) They’re too dug into their position and not accepting evolution destroys their entire ideology that humans must try to control everything on the planet, for the sake of saving humanity from the evil chaos that surrounds humans. 4) They have accepted and are working toward Marx’s ultimate goal of destroying “the opiate of the people”: Khristianity. And they believe evolution is the major weapon that will one day destroy their central enemy: Khristianity.

The Dad

The Math of the Thing

The math that shows the impossibility of even the tiniest bit of creation coming into being by chance is easily explained in the following video.

The Math Involved in the Foundational Units of Creation

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