When I am generous, when I share, when I give, when I feel and manifest empathy, when I cry and hold hands, when I rush to watch one’s back, then it’s love guiding me. “Love is patient and sweet; love does not envy; love is not upset neither puffed up.” See? This is not always me. This comes like a talent, from above and beyond, like a beam of light, when I open my heart to her. Or to Him, because Love is a Guy.

Otherwise, I am quite impatient, sweet and sour, or just sour (depends on how impatient I am towards a situation), I get easily upset and need time to calm down, and I am jealous. More jealous that I could imagine of myself. I am stubborn.

I made my game on marriage, I picked the guy, sieging his senses with suggestive charms, falling for his sex games, conquering his mind. Everything that goes above these machinations is love, a given talent, not acquired. So not my merit.

Loving our children like any mother, or more than anything in this world, I kept a corner open to naughtiness, to sit and hear all the crazy fantasies that he never stops narrating to me. Not exactly easy to listen, but rewarding when you understand what a gold mine the mind of the husband is to his wife.

He is the one giving me ideas, such as: escape your panic attacks by posing nude; let’s tape our love making so he can watch it later when he masturbates alone; let him share my image on porn sites. If you hide in front of competition (trust me, this has nothing to do with love or marriage or vows), then you abandon his vulnerable mind to no-names. If you defend your position then, well, you just look defensive. And weak!

When you get yourself out, in the sex arena, then you shine. First, this is for you, for your own femininity, for your own sexuality. For your mental and physical health. Jane Fonda — in her book ‘Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit; Making the Most of All of Your Life’ — writes about this in plain English. I cannot recommend this book enough, this in case you wish to keep your loved one, your dear hubby, within the perimeter.

Men look after women’s asses, or legs, or feet. It’s in their nature. Policing men about looking is akin to herding cats. So I learned to look along with mine, to chime in a tip of advice, to be his friend in everything he likes. It’s just the way I wish him to be my friend in everything I like.

Decade after decade, sharing more and more, we live as one body with one heart and two minds. Instead of fighting (marriage is no battlefield), we conspire. Marriage could linger like a desperate drama with no plot, or it may shine behind a playful backstage plot. Like in that movie: Sex Tape, rewinded over and over, on new backgrounds yet with the same actors.

I am jealous, trust me, for not allowing the charms of random competition to switch my man’s head, or heads.

I am jealous, believe me, when he keeps comparing my shapes and legs, and buttcheeks. Even when I take the patience to hear all his narratives, which usually conclude that I look better (or similar) to some twenty-something chick.

And because of what my jealousy did to him (surreptitiously), he keeps telling me about his cuckold fantasies, about filming me with younger men, about his inherent gay inclinations. I rule my man with my charms and I still am jealous. Incredible, isn’t it?

This is when I need another beam of light, or Love, to fill my heart, and then my mind, like the talent that goes way above any of my cougar merits. Way beyond any confessed jealousy.

Did I mention Jane Fonda’s Prime Time? Yes, I did. A must read for every woman, jealous or not, admitting it or not, self confident or not.

I think that hormones play a major part in balancing jealousy with love. Menopause is a bitch which the cougar in you (that daring territorial cat with a grueling sexual appetite) can harness with plant extracts. Here is what I take on a daily basis: ENHANCED SEX FOR WOMEN 50+

Along with a wide range of vitamins and minerals and fish oils and other plant extracts. It’s not cheap. You may say that what I make from porn goes on these supplements, and you won’t be entirely wrong. But!

It gives you the roar!

Now let me allow a mentor of mine, Ruddy Adam, to tell us a bit more about vitamins and why are they so important to, well, life.

A Few of the More Important Reasons for Taking B-Complex, Vitamin C, and Milk Thistle Supplements

We live in a world of synthetic chemicals. No matter what you do you cannot get away from these chemicals. We eat and drink them, we absorb them through touch, and we breathe them into our bodies every, single day. If you live in or around a city, you’re taking in lots and lots of them. If you work in a building that is shut up and most of your air comes from HVAC units, then you’re sucking them down by the gallons.

They leech off almost everything in our homes: furniture, cloth, leather, sprays, colognes and perfumes, deodorants, dishwashing liquids and detergents, shaving creams, tobacco of all kinds, stained woods, cleaners, soap, containers holding everything, water (bottled waters especially), all plastic and paper products—more-so on recycled products than any other, because when recycled these products, already having had chemicals in them, it takes another round of chemicals to recycle them.

We have no idea how much harm these manmade chemicals are doing to us, because there are no decent studies to show us. The first and really the only ones came from Germany 25-years, and those presented the original theory that because everything in our society leeches synthetic chemicals, and that our livers must synthesize them in order for the body to use them, they may be the cause of many of our mental problems and of cancer. Very little follow up to those studies, as far as I know. Of course, we know many of the diseases we have today are because we have genetic deformities, due mainly to race-mixing and rape-mixing, but also from incest to lesser degree.

But we do know that anytime we take in manmade substances by drinking or eating, our livers must metabolize them so that our systems can take them in. Each time the liver has to do this, it causes damage to it. I mean, our livers take a brutal licking. Alcohol, smoking, and drugs also damage the liver.

Now, as all of you know, our Creator knew exactly what He was doing when He designed the liver as the all-around toughest customer in our bodies and—as the only organ in our bodies that can rejuvenate itself. The liver likewise carries out more actions than any other in our bodies—except for our brains. Over 500 duties our liver continuously carries out for us. But due to our own actions (and the actions of others who dump chemicals on us every day), our livers often need a little help.

One of the things that has always amazed me about the liver is that it stores important vitamins and minerals for us, turning them out into the body when we need them most. It is able to store Vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12 (in part), and the minerals iron and copper.

We all know that a certain amount of wine (and other alcoholic beverages) is a positive for us. That “certain amount” is a very moderate measure, one that I rarely see folks able to retain; the next step over the moderate amount turns the alcohol into a total negative. And, yes, it’s the liver that receives the bulk of the damage. While the liver is trying to regenerate itself, people who continue to attack it with drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and synthetic chemicals keep it from doing so. Eventually, the problems brought about by this continuous pounding are irreversible. The liver cleanses our blood, and our blood cleanses our cells. If the liver becomes unhealthy, you can imagine what is going to happen to the rest of the body. (This is what brought those German researchers to theorize that our massive intake of synthetic chemicals may be the major cause of cancer. My view 26-years later is that they certainly contribute to cancer and other diseases—but there are definitely more factors involved, such as those mentioned above.)

There are a several supplements that will help our livers. One is European Milk Thistle, which LifeX carries in a souped-up product especially for those who already have liver damage, or who drink a lot, or who use a lot of drugs, whether prescription or street (the latter of which we do not recommend at all.) It is the number one substance that helps the liver detoxify itself, by getting rid of all those human-made chemicals the liver is hit with. Right behind it are the B-Vitamins and Vitamin C. (For washing out synthetic chemicals from the rest of the body, Vitamin C and the B-Vitamins are unmatched by any other substances.)

LifeX’s Milk Thistle

# 1925 European Milk Thistle (besides the liver, also for the prostate) 120 gels

LifeX’s European Milk Thistle Does These Things for the Liver:

  • Promotes liver health.
  • Optimizes liver function and supports the body’ natural detoxification pathways.
  • Advanced phospholipid delivery system increases active compounds in the liver.
  • Provides standardized concentrations of silybin and isosilybin A and B not found in other milk thistle extracts.

Six Proven Benefits of Milk Thistle

Vitamin C and the B-Vitamins are system washers, and they help to wash out some of the synthetic chemicals we take in before they can do any damage. This alone ought to be enough to convince folks to use them in their supplement program. Both of these are liver aides—especially the Bs. In our society, they are mandatory for our health, and nowadays, they are not very expensive at all.

Continuous doses of a topnotch B Vitamin Complex help in the functioning processes of every organ, in our brain’s health, and bring about many other essential metabolic processes. Of course, besides helping our livers, the B-Vitamins do far, far too much for us to even begin to list here.

LifeX’s Complete Vitamin-B Complex is packed with the biologically active forms of vitamin B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (in the form of 5-MTHF folate), B12 (cobalamin), and more, which in part is the reason this is by far the best B-Complex ever made. Over the years, we’ve compared this one to many others that claim to be the best B-Complex on the market. No contest—ever!

#1945 Bioactive Complete B-Complex (60 caps)

From LifeX: Just a Few of the Things That the B-Vitamins Do for Us

Note 1: Never take one of the B-Vitamins alone, because an excess of one will tend to wash the others out. Let’s say you have carpel tunnel, which is caused by a B-6 shortage, and you take a B-6 supplement without the other Bs. Well, if you don’t take a B complex with it, the tendency will be for that one extra B to wash the others out of your system.  And trust me, this you do not want to occur, because unwellness must be the result.

Note 2: I also strongly recommend using LifeX’s Vitamin C, mainly because of the bioflavonoid they use. VC needs bioflavonoids to work with it (synergistically) so it can properly perform its duties in the body. Bio-Quercetin Phytosome makes C more absorbent than other bioflavonoids, and studies show it makes LifeX’s VC far more  effective than others. In fact, this form of quercetin makes LifeX’s “up to 50 times more bioavailable than a dose of standard quercetin.”

The optimum amount your body can take in orally every day and actually use it productively is about 2 grams. You might can handle a little more when you get sick, but not much orally. However, intravenously you can take a lot more.

#1227 Vitamin C 1000 and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome (250 vegetarian tabs)

Some people take one each of these VCs, and others take one of one kind one day, then the other the next. Whatever. They’re both excellent products. The Dihydroquercetin in the following product is the most powerful flavonoid known, and studies show that it makes this VC far more powerful than others. This form of LifeX’s Vitamin C won the Scientific Achievement Award from Nutrition Business Journal.

#1717 Fast-C® with Dihydroquercetin (120 vegetarian tabs)

Note 3: We do not sell supplements. We never have, and we never will. We do not receive kick-backs, discounts, or anything else from Life Extension for promoting their products.

We merely recommend their supplements because they’re always what they say they are, they’re the cleanest that we’ve ever checked, and they are far ahead of all other outfits in the design of their products. Their scientists receive every new study from testing labs around the world, and if the studies call for it, they immediately design (or redesign) their supplements accordingly.

Take advantage of these superior products. I don’t know the price differences out there, but the general rule stands absolutely in this case: Think quality over quantity. And you get what you pay for.

For your health: Ruddy Adam

6 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. You are the ultimate beautiful classy woman……we are all jealous with our mates….as far as hubby goes I many same feelings we look at other women and in the end we are so happy with our wives. We think about sharing her or being a cuckold while she enjoys others but in the end the jealous hurt of losing her runs deep and I bet down deep you will admit you have similar thoughts….in the end it is great to have friends like you as we help each other realize love comes in many forms to a couple…she won’t pose like you do as we have a special needs son at home for 35years this spring he should be out on his own with a group home near us. She is already planning sensual getaways on our motorcycles in the spring….as we look at others and deepen our love in simple ways we grow stronger together….Valentine’s day we will renew our vows…..wishing you in the new year an even deeper love for you and hubby 💋

    1. Hi Bill,
      Jealousy reveals both aggression and humiliation in one single feeling. Perhaps everyone has to deal with similar contradictions in every day’s life.
      Expressed jealousy, like any similar emotion that is spoken out, has the power to release the tensions, to cleanse the body from those snakes. Spitting them out, letting them dry on the ground, under the sunshine.
      Before you start speaking, or writing, something seems to hold you back. After stepping out, something pushes you to the opposite extreme, where fantasies may turn to flesh.
      This something comes from the same whisper. Not benevolent, neither oblivious.
      We’re here to learn how to love, how to find peace, how to detach, how to unlisten those whispers.
      It’s a school worth graduating. A path worth walking. A life worth living.
      Wish you enjoy the motorbike rides this spring together.
      Wish all the best to your entire family.
      A new year filled with love and many many blessings!
      Love to you and yours,

      1. Thank you for the beautiful reply…..this is why I love you so much as a friend. We have these discussions and I always come away with some new insight on the topic. When I renew my vows on the beach Valentine’s day I will remember how what you and hubby share with me has deepened my love for my goddess……thank you so much sending you wishes for you and your family to find all the love and peace you deserve and hopes for our continued friendship.
        Love to both of you 💋

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