First Photo Shooting in 2019. Casual Plump Pics. 

Today, the first school day after the holidays, I close the gate and leave the key in the keyhole. I run up the stairs to ride my man, again! 

During the past couple of weeks, I used to get my orgasms before anyone in the house would begin the day. 

Beside the obvious reason, it is around 5am when his morning glory shines best. So this morning I made sure to take advantage of it, then moved down to the kitchen to get everyone ready for their first day of school. 

And here I am, at 8am, home alone with my man, again!, after the holidays. Jumping on him for my second morning sex session, I ride him for about an hour, enjoying every thrust, every shake, every tongue, forgetting to count my climaxes. Actually, it was a one, wide and long, and wavy, a symphony of pleasant energy. 

Then he asks me if I allow him to bring the camera up, in the bedroom.

I don’t remember what I said to him. 

A minute later, the nosy lens focusing on my face, as the clicks rain around, filling the air, gets me thinking: this is my first photo shooting in 2019. 

Happy New Year!! 

Wednesday on Southern Charms, 139 photos from this first sitting, extreme close ups to my nose, and tits, and hips, and thighs, and toes, well feet – I wear some super thick woolly socks for the season, and feet, and legs, and bush, and ass, yes!, and ass cheeks and back, and shoulders, and tits again.

So many close ups! 

Have you noticed that I got plump during the holidays? 
The get-fat-diet, ya know!! 

Freshly fucked, orgasmic blushing.
Winter woolly socks.
Plump and showing it.

2 thoughts on “Plump

  1. If you are considered plump I so love plump..
    .You just get sweeter and sweeter……jugs my beautiful friend 💋

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