Whorish looks one.

For me, my way to think about everything in fashion is a very baroque way.

Alessandro Michele
Whorish looks two.

Our minds aren’t bound by a chronological corset. When thinking and dreaming, past, present and future are mixed up. That’s also possible for a writer.

Gunter Grass

5 thoughts on “Corset

  1. My beautiful sweet friend love you in the corsets so beautiful and sensual. I agree corsets hold everything together and since our minds are not corseted thoughts come from past present and future dreams can make life so confusing. The one good thing if my mind is out to see as long as the memory of you slowly slipping your sweet body teasingly out of your corset gets me back on track.
    Thank you for this wonderful thought and view for the day.
    Sweetest hugs my beautiful goddess wishing you and hubby a wonderful sensual week.

  2. you seem more near than 20 than 30! Ouch dear Doris, you are in super shape in your slender figure and elegant way of presence. Your body is perfect for all kind of corsets, skirts, and all you can wear with same fantastic estetic result! and what sort and wide range of outfits you have! My man/master give me only aprons and rags to wear.. ah ah!

    1. Oh, thank you, Dear Gianna.
      I do hope that your man will get inspired to buy you more outfits, and I am sure that he would enjoy watching you wearing them.

  3. I really hope too. I love my submssion to him, I love to be devoted, but he knows I’m not only his servant and he is opening his mind long years and years of our relationship, discovering new things, new way to love, and new fetish. For example he loves my feet, so I stay often barefoot for him, ok, I accept that for his enjoy. but not always now, in this winter. I went practically always barefoot this summer….. ouch!

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