ManyVIDS just launched MV Social. It’s too early to tell what the impact of this new feature will be. But!, knowing MV as a model (or porn star if you wish) for a year now, I can see the potential.

A comparative analysis before I’ll jump to more daring conclusions.

  1. Southern Charms – I’ve been a charm there since 2013. This is your father’s website. And let me tell you that your mother loves it more than you could imagine. You know, mature people love sex too. Plus, they’ve got more decades of practice under the belly. I love SC more than any other social hub out there, even if it looks like from the other century – which is my century BTW.
  2. WatchersWeb – coming from the same old century – is where I’ve posted my first nudes ever to a free public audience. Back in the spring of 2012. Wow! They’ve got a groovy and vibrant ClubHouse community. Easy going and a nice place to make friends.
  3. ModelCentro – joined this highly competitive, and modern, platform back in 2014. Find them so good that I host my official site with them: -This is the place that makes models feel at home.
  4. MakeLoveNotPorn, or MLNP – remember this new ingredient to the alphabet soup, because this is more than a website, more than a social hub. It’s a Movement! After the sexual revolution had the standards set for men in porn, like producers and consumers, it was about time for women to take over. After all, it’s a lady’s way of expression, when saying “let’s make love” as opposite to men who just wanna fuck. Being a MLNPstar (cool how sounds the prefix soup) since 2014, seeing that they’ve just launched a new feature yesterday, called ‘mlnp social’ — I posted a neat bit up there to test the waters.
  5. Clips4Sale stepped into the brave new world by launching NexoCams, one year or two ago, can’t remember. This is another brilliant social hub for sex workers, cam girls, erotic models, and other amateur porn producers.
  6. MyDirtyHobby – a German-based adult oriented social hub – is a friendly environment that I’ve recently discovered, and joined.
  7. PornHUB – the undisputed Google-sized Gorilla in this arena – along with launcing ModelHUB (somehow on ManyVIDS or ModelCentro’s -well- model), is adding new features, such as the FanClub, that will consolidate the potential for socializing, content sharing and monetizing at the same time.
  8. ManyVIDS is positioned to make the future happen. How I see it now, it’s a combination of Clips4Sale’s video vendor, of PornHUB’s outstanding content management system, of ModelCentro’s FanCentro (where I still can’t enter, for reasons that relate to the real world). All these rather material, or technical, elements are at the feet of Bella French.

And because Cindy Gallop has launched the Movement, it’s a no-brainer to follow the music.

Booms make the ground tremble. Triangles and orbs in tight formation dash the skies. Poles shift and Moon bases make a spectacle. Earth acts like an electric piece of machinery, whirling in spirals through an electric universe (the good news from here is that the blood sucking dark elites won’t be able to tax you on electricity and heating more than you pay for breathing – which hopefully you don’t).

Add to all these encouraging news the social sex hubs booming all over the place. Look how Cindy’s MLNP movement permeates the mentalities of so many in the industry. From PornHUB to ManyVIDS — this because porn is based on generosity, openness and freedom of speech.

An old system — based on greed, secrecy and censorship — is falling apart. Be happy!!

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