New post by Ruddy Adam – got word from him this morning!

220 Phony Khristian Predators Either Stand Convicted or Have Pled to Sexual Predation, with Oodles of Cases Still Pending

Folks, because of our refusal to obey the Ever-Living’s Reasonings, this is what our world has come to. Expect more! Not less! Because the further we get away from the Lord’s Reasonings, the more perverted we become.

The degenerative nature of our people due mostly to race-mixing continues to manifest itself, by means of sexual perversions. Had our people known the racial markings of our people and the deformities brought about by race-mixing, they would never have gotten close to these creeps in the first place. Don’t listen to phonies who have genes anywhere near close to those in the pictures. For I can’t find a one that I would recommend listening to, regarding the Logos. Take a good look at these sickos, and make sure you keep your children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren away from the likes of them. (see pictures at website linked below)

As I wrote when the vast numbers of the Kult of All Kults were exposed, you can expect the negatives to follow the actions of our people and, thus, their actions will continue to degenerate.

Obviously, kultic Khurches are perfect places for predators to hunt, because immediately upon walking in the door, the poor lambs trust them. That’s what sexual predators, parasitic psychopaths, and con-artists must have: Their prey must trust them!!

That’s where the “con” in “con-artist” comes from, which means “confidence artist.” These creatures are extraordinarily adept at getting people to trust them, to have confidence in them. Add to that as far as Khristianity (kultic) goes the fact that our people have absolutely no foundation in the Logos (the Divine Message), and also, the fact that unlike Ezra and our people eons ago who knew how to identify the other races (obviously by their markings), and you then have a host of prey sitting pretty for predators to pick off—as they desire!

About 220 offenders have been convicted or have made plea deals, with dozens of cases still pending. They were pastors, Sunday school teachers, youth pastors in training, ministers, deacons, and Khurch volunteers.

No wonder the Baptists were silent when the Kult of All Kults was exposed! They didn’t want anyone looking into their pulpits!


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Predators

  1. This comes from people who want many material things and life without restrictions and more and more religion is being cut out……priests allowed to marry would cut down on the pedophile cult in the world…….I believe we need to revive faith in God in the world…..Doris I love you as a beautiful friend I love your body as it was intended beautiful artwork… faith tells me you belong to another and my love must be for both of you as my beautiful friends……my true sensual being must belong to my beautiful wife only……glad to know you and hubby hope more people can become loving people in God like we have

    1. So it seems, Bill. People who wish to play a role in the big theater of society -at all costs. Religion is politics, after all. Priests allowed to marry (pastors) are the ones discussed by Ruddy in this article. Unfortunately there have been too much ‘pizza’ rings out there, for the elites and wannabes. This is a Luciferian cult, make no mistake. And the cases above are peanuts compared to what’s coming next.

      Why is the human psyche so complex? Is it the darkness that calls the soul to stare down the abyss?

      Yes, I’m happy to read about our Platonic love, about where each of us belongs, about mature sexuality expressed and shared out at the light of day. Wasn’t it quite similar back then, in the Garden?

      Hugs and thank you for commenting!!

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