Old School?

What have you done last week?

Me? I spent more time outdoors, clearing my garden from the scars of winter, enjoying the sunny and milder days. I did a couple of photo sittings, still inside, where I can control the temperatures. I made more love and more selfies while at it. I went to school, just one day a week this semester — more time for other things.

Praying, thanking and meditating more about the blessings that materialize before our eyes, day after day, I had a moment of clarity: what a lucky gal, doing what I wish, when I want (you may ignore the daily chores as I keep them to a minimum), reading books, posing nude, taking naughty selfies. How about doing some work. But what exactly is my work? Other than being a housewife and a student. My ‘salary’ comes from selling photos and videos. Aha!! Is that also a business?, thought that it’s all for fun. What a pleasurable work. So I made my mind up: 50% discounts on all my ManyVIDS and 50% off on my best value plan at CougarBunnies.

I may be old school, and I enjoy it very much, but I must do some decision making, once in a while. Grab those 50% while they last!!

Am I Old School?
Only couple of days left!

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