Is reality stranger than fiction? Before agreeing to this statement (which I totally do) let us see how interchangeable reality and fiction are.

Have you watched Luc Besson’s TAXI 2 French comedy?

The cops, and the military, have always a bigger fish to fry. This just in case you hear the word ‘monsters’ a couple of times in the same phrase, it makes you think big-fish. Make it “by the thousands” and fiQure it out.

Then you hear David Wilcock give a quote from Virgil, and elaborate on it. The sun may be Sol, as we know it, or may as well be Saturn, the star of the prior, when it shined close above the North Pole (some studies identify the water ice of Saturn’s rings to have the same origin as that of the waters filling our oceans). Golden might be an age, but a race too. The job of man is to listen, hear and discern. The job of a messenger towards men is to play the archetype well enough for men to grasp the message. Considering, realities are too many for us to fancy enough.

Is this a coincidence? Are there such things as coincidences?


[1] Sicilian Muses, let us sing a somewhat loftier strain. Not everyone do orchards and the lowly tamarisks delight. If your song is of the woodland, let the woods be worthy of a consul.

[5] Now is come the last age of Cumaean song; the great line of the centuries begins anew. Now the Virgin returns, the reign of Saturn returns; now a new generation descends from heaven on high. Only do you, pure Lucina, smile on the birth of the child, under whom the iron brood shall at last cease and a golden race spring up throughout the world! Your own Apollo now is king!

[11] And in your consulship, Pollio, yes, yours, shall this glorious age begin, and the mighty months commence their march; under your sway any lingering traces of our guilt shall become void and release the earth from its continual dread. He shall have the gift of divine life, shall see heroes mingled with gods, and shall himself be seen by them, and shall rule the world to which his father’s prowess brought peace.

[18] But for you, child, the earth untilled will pour forth its first pretty gifts, gadding ivy with foxglove everywhere, and the Egyptian bean blended with the laughing briar; unbidden it will pour forth for you a cradle of smiling flowers. Unbidden, the goats will bring home their udders swollen with milk, and the cattle will not fear huge lions. The serpent, too, will perish, and perish will the plant that hides its poison; Assyrian spice will spring up on every soil.

[26] But as soon as you can read of the glories of heroes and your father’s deeds, and can know what valour is, slowly will the plains yellow with the waving corn, on wild brambles the purple grape will hang, and the stubborn oak distil dewy honey.

[31] Yet will a few traces of old-time sin live on, to bid men tempt the sea in ships, girdle towns with walls, and cleave the earth with furrows. A second Tiphys will then arise, and a second Argo to carry chosen heroes; a second war will be fought, and great Achilles be sent again to Troy.

[37] Next, when now the strength of years has made you a man, even the trader will quit the sea, nor will the ship of pine exchange wares; every land will bear all fruits. Earth will not suffer the harrow, nor the vine the pruning hook; the sturdy ploughman, too, will now loose his oxen from the yoke. No more will wool be taught to put on varied hues, but of himself the ram in the meadows will change his fleece, now to sweetly blushing purple, now to a saffron yellow; and scarlet shall clothe the grazing lambs at will.

[46] “Ages so blessed, glide on!” cried the Fates to their spindles, voicing in unison the fixed will of Destiny.

[48] O enter upon your high honours – the hour will soon be here – dear offspring of the gods, mighty seed of a Jupiter to be! See how the world bows with its massive dome – earth and expanse of sea and heaven’s depth! See how all things rejoice in the age that is at hand!

[53] I pray that the twilight of a long life may then be vouchsafed me, and inspiration enough to hymn your deeds! Then shall neither Thracian Orpheus nor Linus vanquish me in song, though mother give aid to the one and father to the other, Calliope to Orpheus, to Linus fair Apollo. Even were Pan to compete with me and Arcady be judge, then even Pan, with Arcady for judge, would own himself defeated.

[60] Begin, baby boy, to recognize your mother with a smile: ten months have brought your mother long travail. Begin, baby boy! The child who has not won a smile from his parents, no god ever honoured with his table, no goddess with her bed!

Christian interpretations point to the birth of Jesus and, in certain contexts, this would match a quite contemporary aspect of reality — see that Virgil wrote these only a few decades before the birth of Christ. Let’s not forget the original source inspiring Virgil — the Cumaean Sibyl, many centuries away.

Metaphors aside, what valuable intel hides in ancient texts?

1John 2:18
My children, it is an end time, and according to what you have heard that The False Messiah comes, already there have been many false messiahs, and by this we know that it is an end time.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English

The question is which false messiah comes when, and does what.

Back in the summer of 2012, we’ve launched to publish the first novel in the series Naked Beyond Space & Time. Starting yesterday, ALL manuscripts, even the works in progress, are freely accessible (under Home).

If it’s not exactly science-fiction, nor your mom’s erotica, then how should we call this genre? How about Space-Erotics?

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

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