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Reactions to Chris Stapleton’s Singing

You might think these reactions are fake. If you do you’ve never been around Black folks when they hear this type of music. I remember well introducing several Blacks to Charles Brown, Janis singing “Summertime,” and Al Green. They were cooing and wooing and squirming all over the place each one of these moved them so. They said that Janis had to be mostly black. Ha! These reactions are exact duplicates of those from some 45-years ago.

Although all four are funny, we both think the 2nd one would kill an elephant laughing. As a test to your personality, trust me on this: If you don’t crack up at these and enjoy them, then you’re a serious Sam or Sally..

Gus Portokalos:
In the end, we’re all fruit.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding2002
Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash

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