7 thoughts on “April.Fashion

  1. Don’t care if you are wearing sneakers, boots, flip flops, or sexy πŸ‘  heels what matters is you have the sweetest sexiest legs in sheer nylons hugs my beautiful fashion goddessfriend 🌹

  2. Very big contrast that kind of shoes with sexy black stockings, so with your slender figure all seem ok in a well wanted look. I think I could be very funny in that way, but usually I don’t use stackings, only when I wera high heels shoes, but usually my men prefere fishnet stockings, becuse for him it is more “slut” look for me! ouch!

    1. It’s an April 1st joke. I really felt comfy in this outfit. Plus, if I’m showing my naked ass freely on the net, why not picking up funny ways, unconventional combinations and such. The status is no status!
      Fishnets? Got those too — whorish poses, yes. Mwuahh!!

  3. oh yes! that pose is usually for me when I clean tables, so when my Man watch I “whorishly” try to arrive to clean more far points, showing him all my nakednees, hoping he goes forword taking me from behind… He is a very good man, but more often he spanks my ass with a hardest backhanded slaps! But I have to smile! Always!

  4. Well, I like it. First it begun as game into our relationship, plays roles and so on, then I always know my man has a dominant side, so I play as submissive mainly for pleasure him as his girl, as his woman, as his wife, and yes finally as his slave, but it is a reductive word, in our life.

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