Truth is

Like you and you, I am distinct too.

Truth is,
I borrowed it,
this blue jacket,
from my teenage
She doesn’t know.

Truth is,
my jeans
bear no pockets.
To meet the eye.
Just a contour.
To tell a story.

Truth is,
these black
and velvety pumps
ache my feet.
So I’ll endure.
Till the Canon mutes.

Truth is,
I enjoy
showing you
my red retro bra.
Reminds me of bygone
summer nights.

Truth is,
I’ll get naked
because this is
who I am.
The nudes of me?
Just a social plea.

Truth is,
no collective.
Like you and you,
I am distinct too.
Nude or naked, this is true.

2 thoughts on “Truth is

  1. Truth is you are the sweetest classiest goddess on the net. Hubby is the luckiest guy to have such a wonderful woman so comfortable in her sensuality 🌹 and so caring….I am so blessed that hubby allows me to enjoy your most sendual moments so happy to be sensual friends with you both
    Thank you hubby and sweet hugs my beautiful friend
    Bill βš“

    1. Truth is, my dear lovely Bill, that you’re the best!!
      All blessings and wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend xoxox ❀ ❀ ❀

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