New article from Ruddy Adam, about the evolution hoax.


“Big Boy, could you send us the equation that the group uses in argument when debating evolutionists? It’s been years since we’ve seen it, and we all found it compelling. Sorry, I can’t find it in my files.” Sandy & the Crew, Beaufort, NC


Certainly! Here it is—fully parsed. Ruddy

This is the equation that atheistic evolutionists must accept: Matter + Time + Change + Happenstance + Constant Repetition = All Life on Earth—which includes all forms of bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, and humans.

Can you imagine a brain that accepts that equation? Would you want a brain that would accept such a multi-variable equation without the slightest interrogative?

Atheistic evolutionists will often state—with extreme indignance—upon having to face their belief in an equating form that they don’t believe that equation, that you are putting words in their mouths. The fact is, most of them have never given consideration to the micro-processes within the evolution equation that they claim came together to create all the life on this planet. They are so shocked to see it before their eyes that they immediately lurch to reject it. And, rightly so, because no one would want the acceptance of such an incongruent equation on their resume . 

When they do jerk in rejection, tell them to take out the part of it that they don’t believe, because for evolution to be true as they describe it, this equation must work—which is further delineated as follows: Over billions of years, inanimate matter changed (somehow) into an amenable wad of mud that was then struck with a fiery bolt (by happenstance no less) which then created (all-at-once!) 20 complex proteins (including both RNA & DNA).

On top of that improbable string of occurrences, the process must engender itself again by the exact equating form and after carrying that feat out zillions of times must eventually end with millions of life forms on the planet—including humans. Yes, indeed, imagine the mind that can accept that equation!!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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