Precise point by Ruddy Adam, and Paul, yes.


“Brother Ruddy, is there anywhere in the Scriptures that shows how different the Separated-Ones are from average Khristians. A pastor keeps telling me that `all Believers  are set-apart by God.’ He knows that they are not `sinless saints,’ as much of the Kult teaches. GT, NC


Brother Paul—himself a chosen and Separated-One—writes to the animalistic Korinthians who were doing everything wrong they possibly could.

Here, Paul attempts to straighten them out on one the many hassles they were having among themselves. In so doing, he makes a distinct difference between those whom the Lord has given a spirit that separates them mentally from the evil world-system and all it can throw against them—and the average Khristian.

I Korinthians 6.1-6

1. Does anyone among you who has a legal matter to settle with a fellow Believer dare allow the unjustified to decide the matter—rather than allowing the Separated-Ones to settle it?

2. Do you not understand that the Separated-Ones will one day judge the whole world-system? And if the world-system is to be judged by the Separated-Ones, are you not worthy to settle such small matters among yourselves?

3. Or, do you not understand that the Separated-Ones shall one day judge divine messengers? Not to speak of whom the Separated-Ones  are worthy to judge in this life.

4. Therefore, if you have one Khristian charging another Khristian in a legal matter,  you should not allow those who have no standing in the Faith to settle those suits.

5. I say the following to shame you: Is there no one among you wise enough to settle such matters among the congregation?

6. I tell you that you should not allow a Khristian to sue a Khristian and then  go before non-Khristians for them to settle the matter. But on the contrary, you are indeed allowing Khristians to sue each other and then to stand before non-Believers for them to settle the matter.

Photo by Federico Tasin on Unsplash

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