6 thoughts on “Echinacea

  1. I love that plant! In my garden I have a lot of hydrangea, that looks similat, but more regular in the size and form, very lovely in colors, but not too odorous. Stem are not painful or danger for legs, so I can cure that with nude legs as you made now!

    1. Wow, it should be lovely in your garden.
      I don’t have hydrangea in my garden. Too much of a clutter anyway πŸ™‚
      Thank you for liking my echinacea.
      Kisses to you!! xoxox

      1. Now I take a very good care to my raspberries plants, in this season make a lot of fruits, that are very painful to my nude legs!

        1. I have some raspberries too, not too many because the trees bring too much shadow and they need lots of sun above them. And yes, the bushes have thorns. ❀ xoxo

  2. My beautiful sweet Doris why are you hiding behind the plants let everyone enjoy your beauty…you are the prettiest sweetest 🌹 flower in the garden.
    Sweet caress for you my soft sweet love 🌹 flower
    Bill βš“

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