Planned to do some photo sittings, back in the garden, early this morning, along with some old wood, like 19th century old wood. But it has rained over night and the chill kept me from getting all naked.


Then I wished for a massage. Because working with cement, pulling and pushing woods, struggling with the neverending clutter, gives sore muscles. As I ask it, he gives it to me: nice and gentle, deep and steady, whispering words of love. I relax, almost about to sleep, when he asks me: “care for a rapid photo shooting?, here and now, on a whim?”

Well, I don’t mind. Just make it fast, because -ya know- you gotta get breakfast ready, I gotta pick some greens and flowers for it, plus a handful of mint and Melissa leaves for our morning tea and, yes, you gotta make the coffee too.

He’s game and gets the silent camera, because the snappy shutter of the big one might wake up the kids still sleeping in their bedrooms upstairs. No click-click-click, just flash-flash-flash, in all quietness. The very fresh and fleshy samples are already up for those having a crush on my ManyVIDS account.

Breakfast.colors –


And here comes the breakfast, frugal and crisp, because I gotta be somewhere, meet someone, at nine o’clock.

Brown rice cakes with sea salt, greens / ciboulettes freshly plucked from my garden, two Indian cress flowers for topping, salted with pink Himalayan fine grind and sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil. Tomatoes from the supermarket (mine are still green and tiny) and garlic from local farmers. The Basil comes from the backyard.

Bon Appétit!

Indian cress with Basil

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