It’s Truly Not That Hot!!

It’s Truly Not That Hot!! – More climate info sent to us by Ruddy Adam.

We are due in the South and the Mid-West for a scorching hot, dry summer. This one may be easing us into what is to come, after having eight solid years of damp and relatively cool summers in the South and Mid-West. Take note that this is not nearly as hot and dry as we need it to be. Our trees need to breathe, and to do so the undergrowth must be choked out by heat and dryness. After all the rain and coolness, a scorching hot and very dry couple of months is what our mountains and forests need.

As C0-2 has increased in our atmosphere (and this is taking the Warmers’ word for it, which is dangerous, but for the sake of argument…), the weather has gotten cooler in most places around the earth. Yet, the Warmers want us to change our lives to reduce C0-2. No, it doesn’t make any sense. But no one is calling them on it, except our dear Tony Heller (TH), who stays on top of the Warmers’ lies and distortions better than anyone.

The heat is nothing like as hot as it was in the 1950s through the 1980s. We used to hope for afternoon heat below 93-degrees so we could tee off and play 18-holes. 90 or 91 was great. People think that’s hot today, because of the lying Marxist Media.

TH sets the record straight again.

Quantifying Heatwave Fraud (6:40)

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

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