New article sent to me by Ruddy Adam. More and more people are waking up to the warmers’ hoax, and many others. Enjoy the read!

The Most Informative of All the Exposures of the Warmers and Their Lies and Distortions about the Earth’s Weather

This one is a must see! I mean, do not skip this video!

No matter how much you’ve read or studied the claims of the Warmers and how much you know about their “Global Warming” Hoax, neither you nor I know 10% as much about their claims and the way they distort what’s truly occurring in the weather as Tony Heller does. The Warmers stopped debating him years ago. They won’t get near him. How can they? He’s been exposing their lies and distortions for decades.

In this 14-minute video, he’ll show you more than you can imagine about this monster fraud. How do the Warmers get by with this hoax, no matter that their predictions never come true and that they’ve been caught lying so many times it’s impossible to count? Not one person checks their claims and predictions, and the Marxist Media merely repeat them without the slightest hesitancy, although their claims are never true, and their predictions never occur.

Only one person is on their sorry, lying asses every time they spew out more propaganda. That’s Tony! I would assume they hate him about as much as they do Trump—if that’s possible!!

Arctic Ice Refuses to Melt as Ordered (Tony Heller)

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