You are a dolphin,
a happy one.
With your breath,
you make rings.

Water rings,
you enjoy them.
Because they are
more than one.

Photo by Pagie Page on Unsplash

Dolphins create bubble rings in water and play with them. It is air inside water. Instead of taking a sphere form, the bubble looks like a ring, or a torus. Follow the playful dolphin and study how the rings of air interact with each other, see the resulting rings, the art of motion.

An air ring is like a reality rolling within the water existence.

A universe inside an ocean.

When a ring of air meets another one, they merge. Wonderful geometry emerges. Like when two universes (more like multi-verses, or multi-conversions, multi-turns? –see the etymology of it) collide. Worlds in collision?

More like hosts-of-worlds in collision.

What if the known universe (the stuff you’re watching at night over the sky) is a ring of air, a bubble ring, or a vortex ring?

“Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping only.”

The Hunt for Red October

4 thoughts on “Rings.Q

  1. To me there is no creature more beautiful than the 🐬 dolphin….had a chance to swim with them so smart and loving….in the Navy loved watching them guide the ship out to sea and the beautiful dives they did greeting us home

  2. there is beauty in nature the playfulness the ring gives to a couple to connect them n then the ugliness the man brings to the ring

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