Got a new message from Ruddy Adam – to the point!

Tony Heller Exposes How the Scamming Warmers Deceive the World into Believing Their Lies about the Environment, the Weather, and Temperatures

Excellent information regarding the deceitful methods of the Scamming Warmers. Easy to understand. No way the Warmers can justify their actions. This 12-minute video shows what liars and deceivers they are.

None of this is to mention the fact that the Warmers were originally Freezers, then Warmers, then Changers. Each change of title is meant to hide their failed predictions and to keep the public from knowing just how far off their temperature numbers have been over the last 80-years. After all, how could people pay any attention to their newest dire, doom and disaster predictions if they knew about how their previous catastrophic calls failed to come about? Thus, they must hide their past failures.

Another beauty from Mr. Heller! Thanks Tony!

Tony Heller Exposes How the Scamming Warmers Deceive the Public, the Politicians, Scientists, and Academics into Believing the Seas are Rising, the Earth is about to Boil Over—and That Humans are the Cause of these Phony Claims (12:50)

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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