Bad News/Good News

New message from Ruddy Adam. Enjoy a moment of sanity.

One of the Many Concerted Lies by the Warmers: “Hundreds of Places in the World Warming Twice as Fast as the Rest of the Planet!”

Back before the Net when the Warmers were Freezers, it was much more difficult to catch them in their concerted lies. And they do plan together to use the same terms and words and numbers. Nowadays we have a huge host of diggers who won’t let them get by with lying and distorting. Nevertheless, they are relentless because they know that they act with impunity and atheists are always fanatics about something or the other. And these creeps are mad, raving atheists.

Nan and Jacob searched these out. There are many others we’ve all seen, but which did not have headlines. This is, however, for sane people who do not accept every negative (without investigating the claim) they hear from the Party of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky and from the eco-maniac world of foundations and groups to prove to them that the Warmers lie and they act in a concerted manner to deceive the masses.

For sane people realize that there is no place on the planet that is warming twice as fast as anywhere else, and it’s impossible for this many places to come up with the exact same lie without its having been concocted by the lying, deceitful Warmers. For example, why not say, “This place is warming 3-times as fast as the rest of the planet”? Or 1 & ½ times as fast? Nope, the idiots all claim these areas are warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet.

Just imagine living in any part of the world and the quite typical heat spell comes about (as they do in a relative sense all over the planet), and out comes your weather reporter claiming that your part of the planet is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. If you don’t have help to tell you the truth, you’re apt to believe it. That’s one reason why the Republicowards, that is, the Stupid Party, will preface every statement about warming with, “Yes, the planet is warming, but we don’t believe humans are responsible for that warming.” The damned fools give up half their argument to the Big Lie before they get started.

Pay the Warmers and their deceitful (and sometimes deceived) weather media no attention when it comes their claims of what the planet’s temperature is doing.

For the truth and against Marxist/Alinskyites who work everyday to deceive the masses for the purpose of carrying out their revolution on the world: Ruddy Adam

Note: You don’t have to read all of these. Just look at the headlines, which proves our point that the Warmers work in concert to tell the same lies around the planet for the purpose of deceiving the unsuspecting masses.

All Mountain Ranges (Ha!):











Now that you’ve read about the relentless deceptive warmers, and because I suppose that you’re already sane enough to sniff a lie that hot, let me share a retro piece of GOOD NEWS with you: George is BACK!!

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