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“Oh, Separated-One, my friend Janey’s ex-husband just died, and she calls him a ‘narcissist.’ He robbed her and the whole family, the business he worked for, and his and her friends. Left her and went to another woman that he did the same thing to. Left that one, then immediately picked up another one, did the same to her and her family. Left her and then soon died broke. She’s still suffering from what he did to her. Now, she’s afraid to speak to another man when it comes to dating, although she’s been lonely for three years since he left her.

Anything you might tell her so she won’t get into another trap like that one? She’s a Khristian, a nice-looking girl around 50, and is fun being around. She is very worried she’ll get into another trap.” Yours and thanks my dear one, Evelyn


Let her know the following things. They may help keep her out of future traps.

Sounds like a beast much more than a simple narcissist got hold of Janey, and it would do her well to learn to recognize creatures like him, because (as you well know), they do have numerous recognizable traits. And they search for widows, young naïve girls, and divorcees to prey on, because they’re often lonely and desperate. She is a prime target for the 20- (or so) million parasitic (or sometimes “socialized”) psychopaths (PPs) running loose in America seeking people to scam, cheat, prey on, and thus, parasite off.

What that creature did to Janey and others sounds more like a PP than a plain-old narcissist lusting for attention. PPs are far more likely to “squander” or “steal” finances and then leave as a plain old narcissist is. And all over the Net and everywhere I go people tend to combine the two or get the two mixed up. I see this among psychologists and analysts. Remember, they’re not trained to recognize PPs. So, they call everyone who does the things that only PPs do, “narcissists.” By orders from the APA, they can’t classify anyone as a “psychopath” of any type. They must say something on the order of their having a “personality disorder.”

So, they tend to lump what we might call plain old narcissists with PPs. And often they combine the traits that “serial killers” have with PPs. Those are bad mistakes. Each one is a very different animal. But in the following notes, we’ll center on the central differences between a regular old narcissist and a parasitic (or sometimes “socialized”) psychopath, again, from here out “PP.”

It’s well to know the difference between someone who merely lusts for the Three As: Attention, Admiration, Affirmation to some degree or the other—which narcissists do. And someone who is constantly hunting prey to parasite off, and everyone they manage to get involved with they cause turmoil and trouble and terror in their lives. Everywhere they land they work to manipulate normal folks to get their way by any ruthless means they can conjure up. These horrible creatures have no qualms about doing anything to get their way for the purpose of appeasing their particular lust (or sometimes, lusts), whether it’s gambling, drugs, alcohol, or some perverted form of sex—which PPs do.

In short, most often, other than lusting for what we call the Three As (which narcissists do, to some degree): Attention, Admiration, and Affirmation, narcissists are somewhat harmless compared to PPs. The latter is a pure predator and a parasite, who is always hunting and looking out for prey to scam, con, and deceive. They are often degenerate gamblers (meaning they can’t win and can’t quit), and they often regularly use drugs and/or alcohol to give them nerve and to keep them going so they can keep hunting and conning. Drugs and/or alcohol are also things they sometimes are addicted to and must lie, cheat, steal, and con to obtain. The ones addicted to those are the least functional PPs. Some PPs are addicted to having power over others, usually for some other purpose, such as their sadism, or getting even with the world for having been born an alien to normal folks. The ones who are addicted to power, or who lust for power, are normally far more functional than those addicted to gambling, narcotics, or alcohol.  

Unlike what plain narcissists generally do, PPs wreck homes, lives, businesses, and slink away looking for a new mark. Narcissists can have a good heart and can sometimes think about and help others. PPs never think about the needs of others, much less how they might help others. Both are self-centered. They don’t even understand the emotional and spiritual needs that most normal humans have. But PPs can never put their attention on someone else, other than to con them into doing what they want them to do. Narcissists can and may indeed put their attention on someone else, though they can’t do it for an extended time. Narcissists often have fetishes, which can be such things as being honest with others, always paying their debts, always keeping their word, or never slandering anyone. These are obviously good traits, which they don’t always have, but sometimes do.

PPs, however, never have any of the above positive traits. Narcissists are super-sensitive. PPs are not. Narcissists hurt and ache for days and weeks over a supposed or real slight. PPs move on. Narcissists may wish to get even. PPs do not. PPs are interested only in what they lust for. This is sometimes true with narcissists, who may forget about a personal slight if they can soon thereafter get one or all of the Three As that they lust for.

Two of the main things to look for to first recognize a PP is that they are parasites and predators. They themselves cannot produce. They must parasite off others, and they must constantly look for new marks to parasite off.

As we’ve noted here many times, Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the best public examples of parasitic psychopaths you’re going to find, because you can go all the way back to their time in Arkansas and it’s easy to check the path of destruction and devastation they have left everywhere they’ve been since those days. They’ve never produced anything but lies, distortions, trouble, and turmoil—no matter where they were are what they were doing. Just ask the people involved with them in the Whitewater Development Co. (bankrupt and busted out), the Rose Law Firm (damaged for years because of Bullery’s shenanigans), the Madison Bank and Trust Company (busted out with Bullery involved in many of the phony loans that broke the company).

Hundreds of people they’ve dealt with over the decades have ended up in some kind of trouble, because of the Clintons. This is quite typical of PPs, because they tend to slip through the net while those around them suffer. Add to the Clintons’ ability to keep out of trouble that fear and intimidation have kept people from reporting them, and so it is with many PP victims.

On top of that, we would have to say that 98% of the population wouldn’t know a PP from a purple elephant. Clinton biographers who were close to them during their reigns  (such as George Stephanopoulos) in Arkansas and Washington—to a tee have written about how shocked they were about the Clintons’ deceit, their duplicity, their phoniness, their lies, their atheism (when they claimed to be Khristians and always had photo-ops attending church when they were in trouble), their cynicism, the ease with which they dumped supposed friends as soon as they couldn’t use them anymore, and their brazen methods of manipulating people to get their way.

Remember Troopergate? “We were more than bodyguards. We had to lie, cheat, and cover up for that man,” stated Larry Patterson, a spokesman for several of the Clintons’ guards in Arkansas. Bill had a ratings system for his many trysts, which is something that PPs often do. PPs can have a voracious sexual appetite, which can be their central lust, for which they seek power, so they can have more sex. Or they can lust for the adrenaline kick they receive from gambling or other risky adventures, and sex comes well down the line in priorities when they are adrenaline freaks. They are always losers, in investing and gambling and business—they can never win. Their minds are not keyed to win; they want to play, to obtain the thrill they receive from the highs and lows of gambling, trading, investing, or politics.

While I would not call either of the Clintons fully functional, because everytime either one of them gets off script, they put their whole legs into their mouths and insult large swaths of normal people. They do this because neither one of them relates to regular folks. They have no idea what normal people are feeling or thinking, because neither one has the slightest bit of empathy (the ability to understand what others are thinking and feeling, especially when it comes to traumatic situations). They have sucked off the system and hundreds of suckers their entire lives. They are truly lost when it comes to communicating with them. That’s why they won’t normally talk to anyone unless they know every word that’s coming at them and have exactly scripted answers waiting to respond with.

Some of the main PP traits are as follows: atheism (they don’t even understand the spiritual world, much less believe in it, though they will use religion to get in with a mark and to get their way, such as the Clintons have done and still do); pathological lying (it’s truly impossible for them to tell the truth; they’re going to lie and distort, because that’s what they believe to be the correct thing to do); narcissism (to some degree, though these are never their central lusts, they do lust for the Three As); they are blamers (as are narcissists), flippers (projectors; as are narcissists, but not as much as narcissists) who never take responsibility for any of their many actions that turn out badly; they are bold promisers (but can’t fulfill those promises); they are cowards in all circumstances until they see prey (which they are practiced at spotting) then when the time is ripe, they brazenly and fearlessly pounce; most PPs tend to have a difficult time understanding how normal humans feel (the lack of empathy, to some degree or the other); they also tend not to regret anything they’ve done to harm normal humans (the lack of a conscience, to some degree); as noted once, but it’s worth repeating, they flip (or project) blame on others for their many faults and failures (Hillary Clinton has blamed over 40 people and reasons for her having lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump (the only person she’s not blamed is Trump, because that would give him credit); they don’t give others credit for anything positive; they are easily bored, always needing external stimulation to keep them up and going; they are almost never ideologues, but they tend to think and to like the left side of the political fence, because they can function better in a leftist atmosphere; they tend to make grandiose plans and promises, but they can never fulfill any of them.

PPs tend not to function well in normal society. They are aliens in a world that has no idea what they are or how to treat them. They never have any close friends (unless they are using them for their own lusts), and they will rarely have friends from childhood. They don’t respect anybody or anything. Rules and laws they see as things for others, not them. They do have long lists of broken relationships, from childhood on. To survive, they must be chameleons, becoming everything to everyone they’re around, when, in fact, they are empty suits in all cases. (This can help them be good salesmen.) They don’t understand how others like and enjoy certain things, such as families, friends, mates, etc. They have to mimic liking these things to deceive those around them. But if you watch them closely, you will see that they don’t give a hang about anything but what they lust for. Everybody—even they themselves—fall below the central priority of what it is they lust for.

To succeed, PPs must go into areas of work where they do not have to produce. Narcissists like to be where other people are; they like to be the center of attention. They can produce. They often go into entertainment, and too, politics. I have often said that every entertainer is a narcissist to some degree—and they certainly are. Most politicians are. The worst narcissists sometimes don’t care about anything but the attention, admiration, and affirmation they receive from others when they’re entertaining them in some way. I believe Elvis perfectly describes a narcissist when he said, “To hell with the money. I would sing on stage everyday all day just for the applause.” PPs would never think like that. Notice how politicians cram in with each other and stick their heads out to get into the camera. Normal humans won’t do that!

PPs don’t usually need to be the center of attention, although some may feel they do to get their con across. So, the functioning ones tend to go into politics, law, sales, policing, bounty hunting, the military, security, and even preaching (especially televangelists). (The most sadistic ones often choose policing and the military.) The non-functioning ones have to take to the streets to make a living and survive. They tend to end up in prison. PPs always have a scheme, a new con, a new idea to beat others out of something. This is why they make good politicians, that, and there are viciously bold liars who can look constituents in the face and lie like hell. This never ends as long as they live. Politics also provides them with power, sometimes great power, too. That makes it a perfect place for them to hide out and parasite off the world.

PPs always have an entitled mentality. Bullery has thought since she was young that she was entitled to have all the power in the world one day. She has lusted for that power, by every witness who has known her, since she was in college. I believe it was Saul Alinsky who catalyzed her psychopathy to come to the forefront. After a short time with him, she made the most drastic changes in her life. And she’s never turned back. PPs often need something to catalyze them into becoming what they already are, that evil creature in them that lies latent until something triggers it to come out. That creature came out in full blossom and has not at all wilted in Bullery.

PPs never quit. They don’t retire. They don’t stop conning, lying, deceiving, and parasiting off others until they are in prison (and some continue there) or are dead. Their lusts never die off. Those lusts rule their lives as long as they breathe. That’s why I’ve always believed that Bullery will try to make another shot at the presidency.

All PPs are sadists to some degree. When I think of how Hillary laughs on that tape that has her bragging about how she treated a young underaged girl on the witness stand who had been molested by an older man, I think this is the ideal example of a sadistic PP. Remember that Bullery ran what she called “Their Bimbo Eruption Squad” when they were in Arkansas and Washington. She ordered surrogates, whom I also believe to be PPs, such as Paul Begala and James Carville, to viciously attack women who spoke about Skinflinton’s abusing them. Skinflinton himself liked to bite women’s lower lip until it bled. We’ll no doubt hear more about his sadism when he leaves this world. Right now, too many have seen the results of speaking out against the Clintons, and dreadfully fear so much that they remain quiet until this day.

PPs sometimes have Anchors, such as a parent, family member, or mate, who takes up for them under all circumstances and pays them out of trouble as long as they possibly can. These poor souls need serious help, often having mothering complexes or savior complexes, which cause them to give up everything for themselves to save a worthless brat; and I say brat for all PPs, even when they are grown. I know one who was still robbing his mother into his fifties. He finally got control of all her money and property (which was in the millions), put her in a home and never went to see her, then lost every cent, and went on to die broke living in a motel. This, however, after he ravaged numerous people to support his degenerate gambling and drunkenness.

These Anchors they have under some kind of weird spell that we are not sure how they bring about. It may be that they understand their Anchors (who are the PP’s prey) that they can merely handle them under all charges and wrongs. PPs tend to understand the time it takes for their Anchors and much of their prey to cool down from having been wronged by the PP. It’s called the “cooling off period,” and PPs tend to know how to get back in with their prey after that period and, soon they’ve scammed them again. This can go on for years with an Anchor (often until they’re dead broke or dead), and some PPs tend to find prey they can parasite off as long as both are alive.

There are more traits. But these ought to be plenty to help someone, such as Janey recognize a PP, to help keep her out of traps.

One thing to start with is to make it a first and mandatory point that the new acquaintance (or date) is a Khristian, although this is not perfect, because they will use religion to get their way. But because they don’t even understand the need for forgiveness of sins, the need for a Savior, if you get them to discuss the need for Khrist and what He does for us, you’ll be able to spot a phony in that area very quickly. And, if they are, as we say, Dump—and Run!!

For Our Well-Being in a Satanic World: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

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