My man loves this TV show. It’s been over two decades on about every screen in our house. Kids are taught about it. At lunch and dinner, from time to time, one brings up wisdom or comedy out of it. And it’s never boring. Well, almost never, when not annoying to hear the same joke over and over.

A TV show I said? What if Stargate SG-1 (and the consequent franchise) would be more than fiction? They say that reality may get stranger than fiction, right?

That time when Stargate SG-1 had a cameo from General Ryan, the actual USAF Chief of Staff | Richard Dean Anderson would later receive an honourary rank of Brigadier General for his work on Stargate.

During the recent couple of years, I pay more attention when passing by a Stargate rerun in the house. Wondering what if?

Because it’s one thing I know for certain: that there is Romance, as above so below.

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Cameo

  1. So interesting how much we think Al ke and have same interests….I love this show also
    Hugs my sweet friends and happy viewing
    Bill ⚓


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