#Beatrice Closing the Loop

[…] -have a peek at the manuscript, still in the works, on the Space-Erotics atelier.

#Beatrice Wondering about a Parenthesis

“You know, Yasu, when wasting time with daydreaming, I loved to play with logic strings.”

“I know. You were asking, I was answering. And whispering some.”

“May I?”

“Yes. You may.”

{Eve + Snake ==> Ish[male] == Kain}

{Adam + Eve ==> Ben[son] == Abel}

“Abel brings You tribute that You accept. Kain brings You his tribute that You reject.”

“Having nothing in common with the serpent seed, I sent the message. Loud and clear.”

“From here derive two paths: a short one and a longer one.”

“The short one?”

“Understanding, Kain kills himself. End of [hi]story.”

“The longer one?”

“Out of enmity–”

“–That I put between the two–”

“So, out of this enmity, Kain kills Abel. Thus human history begins.”

“Now, that the readers are ripe to read. Tell me, Beatrice, what have I done to human history?”

“You cut it in two.”

“Chronologically, I did. Tell me about the old times. Before My birth.”

“You want me to say this?”

“I love hearing your voice.”

“Between Kain and the Cross, the struggle has been about two parallel bloodlines: the seed of Seth, by Adam, versus the seed of Kain, by the serpent. You’ve marked the end of this competition, birthing from the seed of Seth.”

“On the Cross.”

“On the Cross.”

“The old died with You.”

“Everything becoming new by My Resurrection.”

“Let me take Us to more recent memories.”

“Go on, Beatrice.”

“During the last two centuries that I’ve spent on Earth, before joining You here, there was quite a chatter about the bloodlines. Thirteen or something like that.”

“Stupid sycophants. They didn’t accept. They never wish to step back, stubborn stock.”

“You mean?”

“Those few sons of Kain, feeling, they refused to learn.”

“Learn what?”

“That the serpent seed has ended.”

“Ended? Even if they were alive, the sons of Kain?”

“Yes. And because it ended, those bastards finally became alive.”

“I don’t get it.”

“It’s the simplest thing. Well, one of the simplest.”

“Enlighten me.”

“Did the seed of Seth ended with Me?”

“Mmm, yes. I think it lost traction. Because all over the Old Contract, the reader is told how important it was to keep these genes unaltered, for the virgin (Mariam) about to become the GodGate, her genetics had to be intact. Not an easy feat, throughout millennia of slavery and trials and traps set by the serpent seed and clueless minions.”

“This being the silver line of the Old Covenant, what was the New one all about?”

“About You!”

“Correct. Allow Me, please. Look around. See my studio? Beautiful. Why would I consider to procreate down on earth, in a cesspool full of snakes, in a swamp. Why would a right-thinking reader believe the utter lies about Me having children.”

“But You do. Every person who believes in You is a child of God.”

“You know what I am talking about here, Beatrice. About those liars sucking any true sense out of words. Entering the game as a baby, I played the role of the servant. Dying to pay your bills, I descended to fix the dead out of their paradoxes. Bringing Life back to my physical body, I ascended to prepare the new quarters, for each of you. Why should a reader believe the lie that I wished to continue the bloodlines travesty?”

“Dunno. Entertainment maybe.”

“Let me give you some entertainment now: Judas Iscariot, son of Kain, social justice worker, known leaker, typical traitor. Embodiment of the serpent seed. When I die, he hangs. Taking his days, by suicide, he finally executed the Kain final command: self-distruct.”

“WOWWW!! WOOOAWWWWW!! TRIPLE WOW!!! Short path or longer path, same closure. May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

{Lucid traitor <Judas Iscariot> :: suicide ==> [kain]}

“I like your strings and the parenthesis: kain small caps in kill brackets. Judas Iscariot killed [kain] by killing himself.”

“Spiritually killing the serpent seed.”

“You’re a fast learner. Both seeds had to go at once. Mine/Seth’s Up, the serpent’s down.”

“What about all those bloodlines.”

“Pompous asses. […] — have a peek at the manuscript, still in the works, on the Space-Erotics atelier.

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

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