#Beatrice Going Back to Loki

(today’s addition to this unfinished manuscript -a work in progress)

“The ancestry reset, did it work wonders?”

“There is no Prophet who is despised except in his city and among his kindred and in his house.”

“I can hear Rebecca, again and again, telling us this or that little story about her father, Richard.”

“His own people had him killed. Just like this. Did you notice revenge on her face?, in her voice?”

“Not even in her thoughts, which are the most dangerous. No! Saying that she cannot forgive them, she stepped aside, allowing this privilege to God.”

“Flirting with Me, all the time.”

“You mean?”

“Richard was executing My will. Killing him, they sent yet another message to Me.”

“So Rebecca was just sparing her pathetic revenge…”

“…For Mine. It was never about mercy and she knew it, all the way.”

“Freezing my blood.”

“You’ve learned this from Astarte?”

“A figure of speech. Yes, poor thing. But Rebecca scares me, now even more.”

“Look beyond the messenger. She is just an agent. How many of her people have come to Me?”

“Many. Most of them. The sheer majority.”

“My people, yes. I was asking about her people.”

“Uhm, dunno.”

“Correct answer. Little is that what you know. And let Me tell you that more and more of her people, leaving traditions behind, disrobing pride and prejudice, discover Me and, answering, they step in, like Richard did.”

“You willing to tell me about the ancestry of Richard and why Rolf played such an important, yet absent, part in Rebecca’s life. But I know that it’s complicated.”

“Quite complicated, yes.”

“Loki looks simpler to me.”

“Legends look simple. Real people, however, are complicated.”

“But You are REAL and You are simple.”

“Because I-AM. People want to be, or don’t. They’re still facing a set of options, or just one, or none at all. This makes them complicated, even to Me.”

“Did Loki know that he is serpent seed?”

“When a child, no, he didn’t.”

“How did he?”

“Nurturing him, watching him mature, Odin asked Me. Knowing the deed of Kain, he was looking for ways to avoid a similar situation.”

“Wait, wait, oh God!”


“Tell me, Odin and Freyja meeting the serpent, then Adam and Eve with the same serpent of old, weren’t there a bunch, or two, of eons in between those two events?”

“Mere seconds. Not even two.”

“This is all happening in real time.”

“Back in an early 21st century, the readers would call it names, such as parallel universes, concurrent realities, maybe solipsistic realities. Yes, people are complicated and they love it.”

“I remember one debate, out of a lot, because this was indeed memorable to me. I was counsel for Astarte, sustaining her claim for twins Easter and Saturn. Rebecca had us all rewind a dialogue between Albert Einstein and her father, Richard Rabinovics.”

“Working Truth.”

“Irrefutable. Swallowing her emotions, appeasing her instincts, Astarte fell appalled when realizing all the nonsense fed to the human collective.”

“The more complex you think, the farther from the truth you go.”

“Kronos implied that he was influencing Albert, through Richard’s questions.”

“True, every daemon down there knows this elementary fact: that My subjective truth is what makes the objective Reality, the real time creation. I am Truth. As simple as that.”

“Mere seconds?, You said. Different cubes then?”

“Ha, ha. Tried to hide this from you. Wishing to allow your own mind the discovery. Yes, Beatrice. Different cubes. Each of the twelve Adams I made inside a cube of his own. Twelve cubes in this sea of stone to Our left.”

“And how did the serpent jump cubes?”

“He didn’t. Odin and Altair and […] jumped in Adam’s abyss.”


“That’s why We call it an abyss.”

“Would this make them immune to Kronos’ karma?”

“No. Once inside that cube, anyone’s action inflicts a counter-action. But they are immune to decay.”

“I can see that. So obvious yet so well camouflaged under taboos.”

“For better or for worse.”

“Back to Loki. Lord, tell me, please, what did Odin ask you then?”

“How to love a serpent seed. How can he love something that even I can’t love.”

“Odin has asked the impossible from You. What did You say to him?”

“Irony. I told him that, if he succeeds, Odin will invent irony.”

“Don’t get it.”

“Up to that moment, Loki had been raised along with his half-brother Thor. In honour and chivalry and Grace. From that moment on, finding out that he is serpent seed, Loki had to learn how to laugh at himself, how to make a fool of himself, how to trick Life without daring Me.”

“Divine homeopathy. Wow!”

“Anything is possible with Me.”

“But You have touched Richard, You have hold Rebecca in Your arms…”

“…and so many more of them. I’ve touched many.”

“Did you touch Loki?”

“No. Can’t do that. A-ha! You caught Me, little thing. Well, yes, this is impossible to Me: touching the serpent seed.”

“Then how comes with the many?”

“Complicated again. They are not pure serpent seed. Well, not even Loki is. Not even Kain.”

“Indeed, half Enochite, by Freyja, and the other, half Adamite, by Eve.”

“If you’ve got a mother, then you’ve gotta be at least half-her side of the pool.”

“By decay and death, generation after generation, many come as new fruits hanging from a fluffy ancestry tree.”

“The fractals painted by Kronos.”

“To make it simple: Loki, or Kain, came as fruit from two threads, right?”

“Not even a thread there. An Enochite by Freyja, Loki learns that he must be a primordial creature. No grandmother from his maternal side, just Astarte from the opposite, no lineage at all. Enoch created his mother, and his only grandmother, like a gamer would shape avatars.”

“Daemons know better than humans.”

“Who they are? They know it perfectly. It is what defines them. They can’t escape it.”

“Not even in irony and jest?”

“Not even. That’s more of a remedy, of a drug, like a painkiller.”

“Then? I don’t understand.”

“Odin’s love. Thor’s acceptance. And eventually every soul that Loki makes laugh. If you’re amused by him, then you give him a vote. He lives by you. And many alike.”

“Oh My, that sounds like the opposite of loosh.”

“More than that. Laugh and rejoice so that Loki, and creatures like him, can breathe another day. Besides, your joy makes Me happy too, rewarding you from My Own. Thus you are replenished, and others, even outsiders, are as well.”

// a work in progress

Constantin Hansen: Danish: Ægirs gæstebudÆgir’s Feast – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Le_f%C3%AAte_d%27Aegir_(1861).jpg

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