Ruddy Adam just sent in a timely piece for our awakening. Read on and think for yourself!

Gross Lies and Exaggerations by Those Promoting the Global Warming Hoax

Tony does it again—by exposing the lying, deceitful Warmers with facts and truths regarding what the climate and weather are actually doing. Notice how many phony predictions have recently come from the Warmers who have claimed that winters are ending, that snowfalls are ending, that summers are much hotter, and that summers are longer and starting earlier.

Don’t think the Warmers don’t deceive the vast majority of the people. For even when the last couple of southern summers have broken too many cooling records (for the last 70-years) to count, we all bump into people who will tell you in an instant that it’s hotter than it used to be. Meanwhile, southerners have experienced the most brutally cold winters they’ve endured since the terribly cold 1960s and `70s. They live through them, but because the Marxist Media do not mention that they are as bad as they were in the ‘60s and `70s (with 1970 being the coldest in North America until recently), it doesn’t stick with hoi polloi that they’re living through record-setting cold weather.

Notice too, that although the deceitful weather media emphasize the quite typical summer droughts in California, they fail to mention that over the last ten-years CA has had record snowfalls, and this after the Warmers predicted that snow would soon disappear from the Sierra Mts.

In 2016, Governor Moonbeam Brown, the CA government, along with many scientists and government entities, publicly claimed that CA would continue in what they called “a permanent drought.” But guess what! During the winter of 2016 CA had record amounts of rain. No mention from the deceitful media that the prediction of CA’s being in a “permanent drought” had turned out to be false only a few months after it was made.

Don’t forget that CA is about three-quarters desert, which automatically means that there is only a 50-50 chance that extreme weather can be predicted and that there will be drastic changes in the weather, as there are in all deserts. Don’t build your houses on sand! Does that ring a bell?

Another TH Video Well Worth the 14-Minutes

For the truth and against the Warmers’ many lies and deceits: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Frosting


  2. Here is a thought that proves the climate scarers don’t tell you this is all in the name of a select few getting rich by enlisting naive young people spreading their message.
    The truth about all the electric cars are going to have a real problem over run with all those massive dear batteries

    1. The climate scammers are Marxists hellbent to cut down the human population. Soulless elitists worse than their predecessors from late century Moscow and Berlin. However, the oil burning era will soon be over because this is about 100 years overdue. An example here:

      And another one here:

      Electricity is the main force in this universe, comes not from ridiculous wind turbines [not feasible] but from the aether. The entire universe is electric. We live on a huge capacitor and we gotta pay the bills? One said that humans are the only inhabitants of this planet that are forced to pay for living on it.
      That has to change!

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