About two decades ago, the concept of open source software, aka ‘free’ software, began to challenge a monopoly, or two, primarily Microsoft. Can we call this a form of disclosure? Because what used to be closed source code, obfuscated and punishable by law if opened, analyzed and reversed engineered, became -under the GNU General Public License- legally open to view, innovation and invention based on the original source code. Google and FB and about all the internet have been building a new ‘reality’ out of Linux. For better or for worse. Microsoft lingers as a ghost of the late century, implementing Linux on their servers. No news, nothing to see here.

Have you ever wondered what if energy and electricity providers will find a way, like the software industry, to gradually replace J.P. Morgan’s meter with a flatrate for limitless power, same as you currently pay a flatrate for limitless internet bandwidth?

Give it a thought here.

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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