False Narratives

There are many (too many) and old (even ancient). Let’s begin with the milder and work throughout to the harder.

Thanksgiving – The History The Deep State Does Not Want You To Know

And now some midfield news from Ruddy.

A Master Interrogator at Work

In this video, Representative Turner uses non-linear reasoning to screw down Ambassador Sondland’s testimony, after Sondland contradicted himself numerous times in his previous statements, leaving a negative impression of the president’s actions, allowing the pathological Shift to twist what Sondland said into “evidence against” the president.

Rep. Turner Takes Amb. Sondland Apart and Forces Him to be Unambiguous—Much to His Chagrin (5:30)

Turner is a master at using non-linear reasoning during an interrogation, just as Representative Jordan is a master at using linear reasoning to do the same. Each interrogator is effective; each method is also effective. The non-linear method used masterfully as Turner did gets a witness to stumbling and bumbling, as was Sondland, not knowing what he had said and hardly even understanding what Turner was talking about. Turner then closes his hard-steel vice trap on Sondland, and at that time, you will see he is in a state of total surrender. Beautiful! This is right-brained work.

In the linear method, those being interrogated must merely sit there answering one question after the other, being sickened because they’re in a trap they can’t get out of. They know it. Yet they can only answer the questions, simple as they are. One stammer and the interrogator presses them to the wall—demanding the linear answer that is required and can only follow. This is left-brained work.

Trump himself constantly intertwines the two methods when he is debating. That is why he is such a daringly tough debater. Add that to one of the quickest minds we’ve ever seen in public, and you have a debater who is scarcely beatable.

Turner’s interrogation is a perfect example of how you tie someone down who is trying to wiggle an implication into the testimony, one which produces a negative shade for the president which always overcomes the light the speaker has also slipped in. Sondland has been coached—obviously. But coaching cannot stand up to non-linear interrogation. One soon collapses, along with the tale he is spinning.

Both interrogators’ goal: You don’t let the one being questioned get by with one wince, one quiver, one “ah, well, ah”; not one line can be left ambiguous (especially when you’re dealing with parasitic psychopaths like Shifty Shift); they must be made to come to the quilting and explain themselves thoroughly and absolutely.

That’s just what Turner did to Sondland here! Bravo! Bravo!

Fear, Panic Plagues The [DS], Trump Holds All The Cards:Harley Schlanger

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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