Devil’s Names

Ruddy writes for us, again.

Names, Terms, and Identifying Tags and Terms for Satan in the Scriptures

There is a lot of confusion nowadays regarding Satan, and who he is, and what his name is in the Scriptures. Just as the Lord Himself has many names, from the Tree That Preserves Life in the Garden, to the Savior Riding the White Horse in Revelation, the Devil has many names, is called several different things, is characterized in numerous ways, and there are a lot of terms, names, and titles used to identify him.

The many names, titles, and terms the Devil is called in the Scriptures: the Serpent/Snake; Satan (Enemy); the Crooked Serpent/Snake; that Old Serpent/Snake Who Was in the Garden; the Hireling; the Bad Tree That Produces Bad Fruit; the Tree That Produces Knowledge That is both Good and Evil (the genitive fully translated from Genesis 2.9); the Punisher; the Seducer; the First Liar; the First Murderer; the Enemy; the Tempter; the God Who Rules Over This Age; the Accuser; The Angel Ruling Over the Bottomless Abyss; Apollyon (the Destroyer); the Devil (Slanderer); the Evil One; the Wicked One; Beelzebub (the God Who Rules Over Flies); Lucifer (Light Bearing Son of the Morning; there is no need for light from an external source in the mornings; the true Light Bearer, Khrist, brings light into the darkness); Belial (the Worthless One); the Fake One Who Presents Himself as a Messenger of Light; the Adversary; the Ruler Over Darkness; the Ruler Over the Atmosphere; the Ruler Over the Demons; the Anointed Guardian Kherubim; the Father of Lies; the Great Snake/Serpent (transliterated “Dragon” by the early translators: Huge Snake); the Ruler Over Magog (the Land of Gog); the Lawless One; the Imposter; the Deceiver of all the Adamic Races; the Deceiver of the Entire Civilized World; the King of Tyre (as a type); the King of Babylon (as a type); a Fallen Star; the Thief, as the Sheep Stealer; the King Over the Lowest Level of the Pit—the Bottomless Part; the Bush/Tree filled with Thorns (Personified as a Seducer who is trying to pull Adamics away to worship him in Judges 9.14-15; the Biblical archaeologist Ray Capt told me that this is a beautiful bush, almost a tree, but the thorns are hidden and sharp and piercing, which is a perfect description of Satan: beautiful, seductive—but deadly!); the Second Beast in Revelation 13; the False Prophet; the Deranged Serpent/Snake, Leviathan (Isaiah 27.1); the Son Who Brings/Causes Destruction (2 Thess. 2.3); the Man Who Brings/Causes Lawlessness (2 Thess. 2.3); Murderer; the Devil who Moves about Like a Raging Lion; the Fake Khrist (see note below); the Tempter (Mat. 4.3); the Father Who Brought about Lies (the word lies in the Scriptures always means lies and slanders about God and especially Khrist; Yohn informs us that the definition of a liar is one who does not accept Yasu as the Khrist 1 Yohn 2.22); all synonymous names for the Serpent in the Garden and all terms and names the Devil is called in the Scriptures.

Note 1: Some of these were in the genitive construction, all of which require some work to bring into English so readers can appreciate their true meaning. I have fully translated them instead of using the English word, “of” (as the early translators did and that most every translator since has done), for which there is no equivalent in either Hebrew or Hellenistic Greek. The closest would be “ek,” which has the core meaning, “out of,” in Greek—but expands its meaning in a variety of ways relative to the context.

Note 2: See below that Satan is identified as the Fake Khrist who arrives on a White Horse (just as the true Khrist does). But in Revelation 6.2, the Fake Khrist is placed in no descriptive terms regarding his royal stature (as the true Khrist is), he has a composite bow (which is not the bow given to a champion, but a loser), and he goes out “attempting to conquer.” The True Khrist conquers!

Revelation 6.2: The Fake Khrist Arriving First

2.   And observe, a White Horse, and the one sitting upon him had a bow.  And a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering, and he went forth attempting to conquer.

Revelation 19.11:  The True Khrist Arriving Second

And I saw the sky being opened, and observe, a White Horse.

And the One sitting upon it is called Trustworthy and True.

And by means of right-thinking He judges and wages war!

Note 3: Another description of Satan definitely worth noting Paul gives us in 2 Korinthians 11.14, when he tells us that “Satan masquerades/disguises himself as a Divine Messenger (angel) who brings light.” Like the Thornbush that is personified as the Phony, Deceitful Savior in Judges is a perfect description of the Devil, here Paul provides us with another important and perfect description of who Satan is: He is a fraud. He is an actor. He is a deceiver. He is a wannabe. He is God’s correction whip laid on their backs. When will they understand that? Only at the instant the Lord appears in the skies, at which time they will bury their heads in shame and ask for the mountains to fall upon them, because they will realize that the great Con-Artist has conned them again—just as he did in the prior age.

by Ruddy Adam

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