Got news from Ruddy. A Christmas letter sent to him.

Merry Khristmas to you and yours kind Sir!

I was able to break away for a couple weeks and recently flew in from Baghdad a few days ago.

We are staying in Connecticut for the Holidays. Still missing dad but know he’s in the best place, our place, that all Khrist-lovers will one day go.

Wishing you all a most Joyful, Successful, Prosperous New Year. May He bring you Peace, Good Health and much Happiness!

Thank you as always for your steadfast, kind and loving spirit. You are a beacon gift from Yasu in this darkening world.

Your continued teachings, wisdom and words of encouragement uplift the few among the masses who can hear them.

We all here and overseas so appreciate you and your kind heart and especially your spiritual teachings and political insights.

With much Love and Blessings,

In union with Him, always, Stand

Keep up the good fight, Anons.

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