The North

#Beatrice Yearning on the Beyond


“Yes, little thing.”

“What is outside of this Eden?”

“Beyond what you can sense inside here, there is […] and then […] before […].”

“Adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, I got that. But the words that You said, those escape me.”

“Indeed they do.”


“Because of the limits you have set to your mind.”

“Uhm, wait a minute. I am here in Your Garden, God’s garden, where I entertain a dialogue with You, the Almighty, and You, my Lord, tell me that I have set limits to my mind?”

“As you can well hear, yes. Looking for the manifest, your mind keeps missing the unmanifest.”

“Even as it manifests? Like within You ALL can manifest.”

“Look for the unmanifest and ask Me without waiting for My answers to manifest within the limits inherent to your projection of reality.”

“I must meditate now. Will you join me, Lord?”

“Joining you. I will. Let Us meditate.”



“Yes, Beatrice.”

“Our meditation was short.”

“Yet revealing.”

“Like an eternity or two, no less.”

“You know now.”

“The Beyond, a yearning of mine, yet trivial to You.”

“Needing to yearn, you manifest the flux.”

“My soul keeps flowing, even next to You.”

“Moreso, next to Me. Now give Me your hand.”

“Here, take me, take me all!”

“The hand is enough,” pressing her little hand between His palms, Yasu calls her shy looks, “up, dare on, up, like this, yes.”

“I– I— I am the world. And You You– You— are my North.”

[…] […] […]

With a gentle turn, Yasu allows her hand to slip down as He, separating His palms, projects them left and right against her face, “did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes! The […] and then the […] before the […] –words can’t tell. I know now. Thank you, Lord, for showing me.”

“Always My pleasure, little thing. Now, that you know, what do you plan to do about it?”

“Feeling my flux again. Yet different now. Not the same. Don’t know how to explain.”

“Flowing your flux is what makes you what you are. Being a woman is what causes this fluid dynamics.”

“Women make things move?”

“Women make things flow. Men make things move. I make things happen.”

“The soul of a woman is fluid. Allow me, Yasu, but You already do allow me, to remember from the late romantic times of Sisi, the love for her prince, the affairs in pursuit of liberty, the daemons that she knew to harness.”

“Paying her tribute, you will comfort many of your readers.”

“Where is she now?”

“At the moment, she’s playing herself inside the three cubes that she owns down to NetherLands. Later on, she’s going to join your mom in the City. They all cannot wait for this Sunday to commence.”

“She loves You.”

“Loving love, you all love Me. For I am your North.”

“But she loved Kronos too.”

“And Richard and Franz and George and Gyula and, yes, any cron manifesting to her, that she knowingly deemed a daemon.”

“And had never touched. Sex and love were different then. Even opposed in her case. Not touching what you love…”

“Especially a daemon. Or else that anarchist would have had none of her body to assassinate on the promenade.”

“Loving men and daemons. With a same passion?”

“Can passion be same?”

“You tell me, Lord.”

“Fluid dynamics. Study Euler and Riemann. Think in tangents.”

“And angles, and hyperbolas.”

“Look, Beatrice, before you’ll chase away the last reader, do Me a favor and switch your angles and hyperbolas down to poetry. Will ya?”

“Allow me, Yasu, these verses of hers.”

keep reading on LOKI DOKI, the yet unfinished manuscript, click here.

Elisabeth, Kaiserin von Österreich.

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