Of Jaffa’s

What may matter be?
Frozen frequency?

What is frequency?

What makes music?

His Ever-Living Spirit speaks,
how does He speak to us?

Who is the Word of God?
Not a ‘what’ like between
covers of books,
or rolled out scrolls.

But A Who —
like a Person,
Spirit incarnated
and Immortal flesh
–the frequency unheard
yet told, touched
and revealed to us.

No one has ever understood God! The very, special Son, Who is in the Bosom of the Father, that One explains Him.

Yohn 1.18 (Yohn speaking -translated by Ruddy Adam)

What about Freedom?
Who is free?
Who wants to be?

Is wanting being?
Wanting is being.
Is unwanting unbeing?

Freedom denial?
Of self or others?
Can this cancel one’s presence?

and participation.
Are these two interchangeable?

By doing, are you there?
How much of the doing is being?
What part of thinking is doing?

How about willing?
Obeying and willing,
Are these two adversaries?

Is listening
the obedience of senses?
By own choice?

Is freedom making choices?
Make a wish!
What have you chosen?

who sets snares?
And for whom?
What’s a snare to its setter?


No option.
No voice.
No freedom.

“And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.”

John 8:32 -Aramaic Bible in Plain English

A statement like a lightning rod, to stand up, stand tall, above all.
Here comes the adversary answer, in 33 they reply to Him:

And they were saying to him, “We are the seed of Abraham, and never have we served in bondage to a man; how do you say, “You shall be children of liberty”?

John 8:33 -Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Yasu just informs the serpent seed that by Him, through Him, within Him, even they, the [non’s] can become some[thing], by opting for listening to know the truth, to learn from what He does: cancelling the all-times karma of old, giving them as many chances as they’d wish to take, to be. But they stubbornly don’t, won’t. Refusing to listen, choosing no option, complacent in what they never had, regardless of their deep self-deceiving traditions.

What is freedom?
A derivative of truth?

Is truth
to be learned?

Like in listening?
Like in knowing?
Like in willing?
Like in choosing?
Like in freedom?

What would a snare-setting-impostor fantasize about?

The Goa’uld are the primary adversaries in Stargate SG-1 from seasons 1 to 8. […] The Goa’uld are introduced as the first and most prominent alien race in the Milky Way, and are also one of the few nonhumanoid species to appear in the early seasons of the series. They are a parasitic species that resemble finned snakes, which can burrow themselves into a humanoid’s neck and wrap around the spinal column. The Goa’uld parasite (generally, but inaccurately, referred to as a ‘symbiote’) then takes control of its host’s body and mind, while providing longevity and perfect health. The Goa’uld are branded as evil by their pretending to be gods and forcing people to submit to their quasi-religious pronouncements. The most powerful Goa’uld in the galaxy are collectively known as the System Lords.


The Goa’uld modified humans to create the Jaffa to serve as soldiers and as incubators for their young via an abdominal pouch. The story of the Jaffa is primarily told through the main character Teal’c.[…] The Jaffa rely on the symbiotes for their immune system or will die a slow and painful death that can only be avoided by either acquiring a new symbiote or by lifelong regular injections of a replacement drug called Tretonin.


Finned snakes.
Can burrow in a human’s neck.
Wrap around the spinal column.
Parasites that control body and mind.

Modified humans.
Soldiers and incubators.

False gods.
Freedom killers.

Is the material nothing
but a shadow of the spiritual?

Can a controller get access to the Spirit?
How ambiguous a term is this: spirit?

From the Ever-Living Spirit WHO-IS beyond eternities,
down to parasites snaring plots, which aren’t, anywhere.

Is ‘unseen’ or ‘non-physical’ or a ‘rapid mood’ too loose of a concept, using the same word for addressing the Ultimate, the Creator, The Ever-Living and then also the not-even-a-thing, the shadow, the zero?

Unseen are ultraviolet frequencies, and infrared ones too.
Unseen is the aether, and the cosmic darkness of the deeps too.
Unseen are hosts of heavenly armies, and the burrowing daemons too.

Are we confused by the looseness of one word?
Are we controlled by an apparent rigidity of a material world?
Or by what we have been told to deem as material?

Is truth told?
Or learned?

How do you commence to learn?
By listening?

Let us listen to Paul for a few minutes.

Philippians 3

  1. Therefore, my brethren, rejoice in Our Lord; it is not tedious to me as I write these same things to you, because they protect you.
  2. Beware of dogs; beware of evildoers; beware of the circumcisers.
  3. For we are the circumcision, those who serve God in The Spirit, and we glory in Yeshua The Messiah, and we do not trust upon the flesh,
  4. As I did have trust in the flesh, for if a man has hoped in his trust in the flesh, I have more than he:
  5. Circumcised on the eighth day, of the family of Israel, from the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew, son of a Hebrew, in the Law, a Pharisee;
  1. In zeal, a persecutor of the church, in righteousness of The Written Law I was without indictment.
  2. But these things that were advantages to me, I have accounted losses for the sake of The Messiah.
  3. I also consider all these things a loss for the majesty of the knowledge of Yeshua The Messiah, my Lord, him for whose sake I have lost everything, and I consider it all as a dung heap, that I may gain The Messiah,
  4. And be found in him, while I do not have my own righteousness, which is from The Written Law, but that which is from the faith of The Messiah, which is the righteousness that is from God,
  5. That by it I may know Yeshua and the power of his resurrection, and that I may share in his sufferings and be conformed with his death,
  6. That perhaps I may be able to come to the resurrection from the place of the dead.
  7. I have not yet received it, neither am I yet perfect, but I run so that I may obtain that thing for which Yeshua The Messiah apprehended me.
  8. My brethren, I do not consider myself to have obtained it, but I know one thing: I have forgotten that which is behind me and I reach out before me,
  9. And I run toward the goal to take the victory of the calling of God from on high in Yeshua The Messiah.
  10. Let those who are perfected, therefore, be governed by these things, and if you are governed by anything else, God will reveal this also to you.
  11. However, that we may arrive at this, let us follow in one path and with one accord.
  12. Imitate me, my brethren, and observe those who walk in this way according to the pattern you have seen in us.
  13. For many who walk differently, about whom I have told you many times, but now as I weep, I say that they are the enemies of the cross of The Messiah.
  14. For their end is destruction, whose God is their belly and their glory is in their shame- these whose minds are in the dirt.
  15. But our business is in Heaven and from there we look for The Life Giver, our Lord Yeshua The Messiah.
  16. For he will transform the body of our humiliation into the image of his glorious body, according to his great power by which everything has been made subject to him.

Looking for the belly button, why?
What is the umbilical cord?
A sign that you have/had a mother?
That you’ve been born to someone?

Too obvious?
Why looking for it then?
Are there impersonators without it?
Have they been born? How?, if so.

Is the deep state a modern occurrence?
Or was there a deep state when Paul wrote the above?

Who is the enemy of the deep state?

Is the free-thinker,
willing-to-listen individual
a threat to the controllers?

How can you avoid falling into traps?
What is the light of the Word?
What is the Truth that makes you free?
Or rather WHO-IS-THIS-ONE?

What would be a body of humility, or a Jaffa?
What would be a body of glory, or a freed Jaffa?

Who is what and what is who?
Choose to think.



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2 thoughts on “Of Jaffa’s

  1. Beautiful thoughts…..thanking you so much for sharing this in a world that is so against god and anyone with Christian values…..the world is reverting to pagan days aborting babies and politicians that are so greedy for control. It is going to take people like us that faithfully love our spouses and children and we have a beautiful love for each other as friends all while we love our God together getting many friends involved to fight the modern day satan
    Thank you for being a loving friend

    1. It’s been over six thousand years, these cults are still harrowing the human race.
      Sadly, reality is darker than fiction.
      But God wins. Like they said even before the days of Noah: COVFEFE – I will stand up – God wins!!
      Good that the world is starting to wake up about these hidden realities!!
      All love to you, Bill, and have a romantic Valentine’s Day!
      (this another long history, from ancient daemons, that the Cath church has adopted).

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