Before starting my day, very early in the morning, I take the morning wood in. Nothing special because, for a couple in their 50s, you’ve gotta seize the moment –especially the hardest longest deepest minutes you can get. Carpe diem, any diem.

But I gotta pee. So I guess. Not taking any risk, I go to the bathroom. Watching the clock, ah, time to wake the twins up, get their breakfast ready, make sure they go to school.

Time for the second round in the bedroom, we’re home alone now. Gentler, softer, the serving is lovely nevertheless. We make love consciously, celebratory if you wish. Until the bell rings. Utility guys, hubby deals with them in a matter of minutes. He returns to give me even more love making. Until the bell rings again. The neighbor, she’s asking about the utility guys. I dress up and join the conversation. After the random chatter, we’re home alone, again.

Sixty-nine?, asks he. Sixty-nine, say I. Minutes later, I fly! No gravity, no earth. An ocean of universes between me and the earth.

He tells me to pull the second drawer at my desk. Pralines! Fine chocolate! The expensive sorts. Half expensive, mentions he, 49% discount at Tesco. No wonder, they’ll expire this Sunday. So what? Today is Friday, our Valentine’s right after orgasm chocolate moments.

I eat three, keep one for him, and divide the rest for the twins’ after-lunch.

Let’s shoot some photos!

Your bubble bath?

Bubble bath photos, yes!

Will go up next Wednesday.

Now, late in the evening, watching romantic movies together with hubby and twins.

The moment next…

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Can’t wait to see them…..oh the thought of washing caressing and pleasuring each other
    Wishing both a beautiful Valentines Day

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