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Ruddy Adam has sent me a new email – about mass manipulation by fear. I know that you and me are pursuing happiness –that’s exactly what makes you better, stronger and healthier. Capable to help your peers kill their fears, understand that the Deep State enslaves humans with their fear-porn, for millennia.

How Fearful Should You Be of the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)?

To me, everything is a proposition. I think numbers and odds—first of all. So, then, let’s first quantify the chance of this newly discovered virus —which is now a full-blown media/government crisis—infecting you. Then, let’s qualify the situation, for the most part using history.

The chance at this point for people around the world catching the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) are about 6.7-billion to one against it. The chances for people dying from Coronavirus after being infected by it are about 5.2-billion to one against it.

Those are the numbers, the quantifying numbers regarding the danger to you of this virus, from what the current empirical evidence shows us. Not what bloviators tell us. Remember! We are people who say, “Don’t tell us! Show us!” Following that little adage can save you a lot of trouble over your lifetime.

Those odds could change over the next month or so, but they’ll remain the same for at least another four- to six-weeks. Go about your business and, as always, wash your hands regularly, keep your surroundings clean, and take your immune-boosting supplements until the end of cold and flu season, sometime through April.

Now, to the psychology of the virus—which is to qualify the problem, and that side of all equations is indeed important to understand. The qualifying side of this equation is, How will the masses act? How far will the media/government/academia push them to promote fear among the masses? For this we must qualify the problem of the virus. As you can see from the numbers, it’s hardly worth mentioning at this point. If you look back at past scares (and I won’t bore you by naming them all, by any means), they fade away never becoming the plague the media/government (and academic experts) were predicting them to be and, I don’t hesitate to say, often wishing for them to be the terrors they were predicting for the sake of selling news or gaining more power over the wandering Herds.

Scares like this one pumped and pumped by the media calling on experts and governments rushing to make them one of the latest crises they must save us from can certainly cause us a lot of trouble. Don’t worry. I won’t bore you by going over the hundreds of crises they have hit us with over the last twenty-years that never came to be, and the troubles those tales caused us. Other than to remind you of this phrase, which we warned as many as we could about, though few listened: the Y2K-Con!

Every one of those scares can cause the masses to stop shopping, stop carrying out their work properly, scare them into pouring fear into their children, and in general depressing the world and dragging society to a halt. As for President Trump, if this virus even becomes as bad as the average flu virus (and it’s not even near that yet), the Marxist Media will pour all the blame on him. None of this is to mention the money that people may spend to fend off this latest ghost and the money they may lose by not working and not running their businesses as they would normally do.

Airlines are already shutting down flights. People are cancelling vacation plans. Fear is a powerful negative emotion that can cause the madding hordes to make the most irrational decisions imaginable. In the main, the media have brought this one to that point already. So, we can expect some fairly serious negative results from this scare, whether it becomes another flu-type disease or an outright plague (again the odds are heavily against the latter).

And don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I am not saying that the Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) is not going to become a major plague. I am simply telling you that at this point it’s hardly matched the negative of the average flu, and past predictions of horrors of the current magnitude by the Marxist Media have flickered out like candles in a rainstorm.

As with the flu, those most at risk of infection are the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Right now, it’s not worth making any extra efforts to prepare for any extended outbreak. Other than those of you who take immune-boosting supplements for the wintertime can always continue for a while longer. We always recommend going through March anyway. (This year April) We ought to know whether this virus is truly a deadly killer or not by then.

It’s always a good idea to have these around for the cold or flu, for those of you who do not. One of the most powerful virus fighters known is oregano oil. You must cut it with water, then add a few drops about three times a day. It’ll help cut any virus’s life short, and in the meanwhile, you’ll suffer far less from that bugger.

Here are two of the most powerful natural immune-boosters known and where to order them. These you should be taking every winter; this is for everyone, especially old bastards like me..

IP-6 & Inositol help boost the immune system from the cellular level.

Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol 240 caps 28.00 (dosage: 2 per day)


Beta-Glucan helps boost the overall immune system from above the cellular level.

Beta Glucan 500mg 100 caps by Priority One 68.00 (dosage: 2 per day)


For your health: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Bram. on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Less Fear

  1. This is a liberal cause by the socialists that want to with the help of a crooked press scare us to the point they crash the economy to make us hate our president and elect them to totally take our savings and retirement with total control over us….we all need to pray God will guide the voters and protect us from these evil thieves

    1. Just got this from twitter now:
      Joe M

      The #CaronaVirus was a deliberate biological terror attack by the globalist cabal which they are using as the pretext to make massive simultaneous stock sell-offs, to crash the economy in the run-up to the 2020 election to hurt Trump. Simple as that.

      notice #CaronaVirus instead of corona — this is an intentional [typo], quite interesting to see where it leads

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